The Depths of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I thought I would start 2018 with something positive. I watched a Razorfist video a few days ago about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

I watched DS9 many years ago. I found the series very entertaining, particularly once it got to the Dominion War. The series is a turn in the Star Trek franchise. Rather than the utopia typically seen in the original series or the Next Generation, DS9 showed how the rest of the galaxy worked. While the Federation may be perfect, they live in a world where everyone else is not, and that has long-term ramifications. The series also chipped away at the utopian Federation concept, showing that they could be as shady as any other culture.

What I enjoy about Razrofist’s video series is his rapid-fire analysis. It is funny and engaging, but more importantly, it makes me want to rewatch the series. Benjamin Sisko is one of my favorite Star Trek characters, and I hold him as equal with Picard as my favorite captain.

The charm of DS9 is that Sisko does not want to be on the station. He does not want the responsibility, does not want to deal with the either the Cardassians or the Bajorans, and does not want to be that far on the fringes. He simply wants to raise his son. It is an interesting scenario as every other iteration of Star Trek showed people wanting to be in the positions they held.

Razorfist plans on doing a blow-by-blow analysis of the entire series, so it will take some time. He says two episode reviews up right now. Below is his introductory primer for the series. If you have not watched DS9, my suggestion is to watch the TNG episode The Best of Both Worlds first, and then watch DS9. It will give context to Sisko’s character.

4 thoughts on “The Depths of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  1. razorfist does a lot of good videos. he was present for when gamergate broke and he did a video about anita sarkeesian’s lies.

  2. I must confess I haven’t really followed Star Trek much, the old TV episodes didn’t do much for me as a kid. I wonder if it’s worth looking at the new installments?

    Anyway, better way than I started 2018 – with a massive hangover and my head down the toilet!

  3. James I personally can’t stand TOS myself but I do enjoy the modern series quite a bit.

    I would say that DS9 breaks the mold of the other series that either explore for exploration sake (TOS, TNG, Enterprise) or have a single series long goal (like Voyager).

    DS9 has individual arcs that ultimately play into larger overall arcs and gives the feel of an ongoing storyline rather than an episodic “discovery of the week” or “what scheme will we hope will get us home this week”.

  4. James, the Next Generation is definitively a better show than the original series. The first two seasons are iffy, although there are some good episodes. TNG picks up in the third season, and out of the 24 episodes of that season, I would say that perhaps 2 or 3 would count as “bad.” The rest are good or amazing, particularly the season finale “Best of Both Worlds.”

    All of the Trek series are currently available on Hulu and Netflix. If you have either service, I suggest watching TNG. I quite enjoyed DS9, however, the series does require some knowledge of the modern Star Trek lore. Watching the 4th season of TNG gives a good amount of background for watching DS9.

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