I chose the name mainly because it represents the treatment of male victims in society. Just like those little green plastic men, boys and men who have been abused are considered disposable. Everyone knows about them, but no one talks about them. Everyone uses them, but no one wants them. Those little army guys come in buckets, get poured on the floor, loved for a handful of minutes and then get torched, melted, lost, chewed on and broken without a second thought. They are the toy everyone had but no one keeps. In a way, that is what society thinks of male victims. We are simultaneously remembered and forgotten. In certain circles, any mention of us causes immediate controversy and hostility. Any attempt to reach out for help is met with a stiff hand. Just like toy soldiers (and real soldiers) boys and men are expected to take it.

This blog is more than just a series of “look how bad males have it” posts. The intent is not just to raise awareness but to show that–contrary to popular belief–these things happen. I hope to at least give males a voice so that they can finally speak openly without being attacked for it. Being such, the name Toy Soldier also represents my willingness to be the scapegoat for all those who think theses are non-issues. It would be better for them to attack me rather than silence boys and men who truly need to speak out about their experiences.


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