The Rubin Report: Thunderf00t

Dave Rubin interviewed Youtuber Thunderf00t for his show The Rubin Report. Thunderf00t is a well-known scientist who takes apart religion and feminism on his YouTube channel. He began with tackling the religious, particularly Christians, and found they did not like him. However, the Christian backlash paled in comparison to the feminist response.  Feminists have tried to get his channel pulled and to get him fired from his job, all because he challenges their views.

The interview covers most of those topics, as well as Thunderf00t and Sargon of Akkad’s disagreement over the Brexit issue. Continue reading

A magical gathering of pettiness

It is rather sad that identity politics has crept its way into something as mundane as Magic: The Gathering.  I find this so baffling that until I see it I cannot believe this happens. The word to describe this nonsense is petty. This is a card game,  yet some people obsessed with politics try to ruin someone’s life because of a minor political disagreement.

What frightens me is not only the viciousness of the attacks, but also that many of these types of people will end up in real positions of power. What happens when these are our the face of our nations?  Continue reading

What Does Feminism Mean?

Sargon of Akkad posted a video about the meaning of feminism in the modern world. It specifically outlines feminism’s usefulness, what it has become, and how it is deployed by its adherents.

Much of his video reminds me of what I read in Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer. Hoffer explains how mass movements work, why they fail, and what they do when they meet their goals. Reading the book with feminism in mind is quite enlightening, and much of what Sargon covers seems torn from its pages. Continue reading

The “gentler” bullies

Two teenage girls attacked a boy attempting to defend his autistic friend from the girls’ wrath:

A pair of teenage girls were approached about bullying an autistic girl in Emerson Greens, Bristol at the Winterbourne International Academy. When the autistic girl’s friend attempted to stop the abuse, the teenage girls turned their attention on him, brutally beating him instead.

Jake Andrews, 14-years-old, stepped in to stop his autistic friend from being bullied further by the two teenage girls. He knew his friend did nothing wrong and felt it was the right thing to do. However, when he encountered the teenage girls, they quickly turned their sites on him while the autistic friend recorded the incident. Andrews was not anticipating a fight, nor did he believe the teenage girls would beat him so brutally as he attempted to find out why they were bullying his autistic friend. Yet, without much warning, both girls ascended on him and began their brutal attack.

As the video is recorded, the teenage girls can be heard screaming obscenities as Andrews attempted to make his escape. Neither of the girls would allow Andrews to escape, especially with the video being recorded, so they continued their beating and attempted to steal his phone.

My godson showed me the video on YouTube. The first thing that came to mind is that they are lucky he was not Andrews. Andrews’s mother told reporters, “We brought him up not to hit girls and the footage really shows that.”

Yes, it does. Aside from a short kick and trying to push one of the girls off him, he stands there and gets pummeled. Had that been my godson, it would have been over the first time they laid hands on the autistic girl, let alone her friend, let alone himself. This is a situation in which Andrews should have defended himself. It is not courageous to allow someone to beat up people because they are female.

The second thing that came to mind is that the girls knew no one would stop them and that if anyone tried to they could play the victims:

The video, which was filmed in Emersons Green, Bristol, then shows one of the bullies delving into the boy’s pockets and apparently trying to grab his phone.

‘Why are you touching my phone?, he asks, and one of the girls responds: ‘Because you’re f***ing videoing me. Move it from my face.’

She then drags him to one side and throws him over a hedge, throwing her fists at him before shouting: ”F**ing hit me again and watch me get you killed.’

The reason she could say that with a fair amount of certainty is because of people like Andrews’s mother. If people think that boys should never hit girls, then violent girls will be able to turn a boy’s self-defense against him. She could always claim he hit her first or that his strike was much worse. Who would disbelieve her?

The girls were expelled from school, and the police say they are investigating the assault. I cannot imagine the girls will face any charges or that their expulsion would last long. When girls behave violently, they typically get away with it without much, if any, punishment.

However, this should be a lesson to parents with sons that teaching boys to never hit girls is not a smart idea. Andrews’s mother is lucky that these girls chose to use their fists and feet rather than a weapon. She is lucky they chose to keep their attacks simple and quick rather than sustained. It would have taken very little for them to use more force and severely injure him.

A Lesson in Indoctrination

My godson is in middle of choosing what college to attend in two years. I do not envy his position. Modern colleges have become a cesspool of progressive nonsense. Instead of teaching students how navigate a world with differing ideas, colleges indoctrinate students into an ideology that teaches them the world is riddled with sexism, racism, and a host of other bigotries.

It teaches them that white men rule everything and have unfair, unearned privileges. It teaches them that minority groups and women are constantly held back and treated as inferior. It teaches then to view the world in a purely adversarial manner.

This is what my godson must choose from. It is no wonder he is having a hard time choosing. Considering his interests — music and animals — unless he goes to vet school he will deal with this madness.

The curious part about this situation is that most people never get to see the insanity in its raw form. Sargon of Akkad solves that problem in a recent video: Continue reading

A Dose of Stupid v123

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

Six Lazy Strawman Arguments about Critics of Feminism and Bad Advice About How to Beat Those Strawmen

Every few months some writes an article about how misunderstood feminists are and how to combat the misunderstanding. They typically only cite other feminists to support their arguments and rely on slanted studies and strawman attacks to defeat the criticism.

If the best you can do is lie about your critics and resort to logical fallacies and insults, then you give people no reason to support your movement. For some bizarre reason Suzannah Weiss decided to prove this point:

Have you ever called someone out, then had them twist it around and call you out right back? Anyone who has tried to bring attention to sexism (or racism, or homophobia, or anything of that nature) can probably relate to the frustrations of pointing out a double-standard or microaggression and being accused of overreacting or “reading too deeply into it.”

While I’m all for friendly debate, some debaters aren’t trying to engage with your position — they’re trying to dismiss it. Here are some cheap tricks I’ve seen people use to dismiss feminism and what you can say to defend yourself if they’re willing to listen.

So instead of Weiss providing a method of addressing people’s criticism of feminism and offering substantive commentary about that criticism, Weiss decides to go the lazy route and offer cheap tricks of her own to address challenges against her ideology. Let us see how this goes: Continue reading

Factual Feminist: Intersectional Feminism

I first read the term “intersectional” years ago as child. It appeared in one of my aunt’s feminist books. I cannot recall which one, but I do recall the explanation given in the text. According to the text, white female feminists had ignored the plight of black and other minority women. White women rallied around middle and upper class issues that affected them, completely missing the experiences of the typically lower class minority women. The focus of feminist discussions, according to the explanation, also revolved around white women’s plight. The issues that affected minority women were rarely, if ever, discussed or addressed.

This in essence made minority women, black women in particular, doubly oppressed. They were oppressed by their sex and their race, whereas white women were only oppressed by their sex. There was an additional oppression within the feminist movement as well. White women basked in the privilege of being the majority, dominate voice in the movement while minority women remained silenced.

Modern intersectional feminism supposedly addresses this oppression, but it really worsens the divide between the groups as the focus becomes more about who has it worse than solving any problems. It leads to concepts like safe spaces, the progress stack, and an ironic amount of discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry against the so-called “oppressors”. Rather than bringing people together, it leads to more conflict. Once the “oppressors” are drummed out or silenced, these intersectional feminists tend to turn on each other, arguing over the most benign, superficial differences.

Christina Hoff Sommers offered a breakdown of the intersectional theory and why it is so (ironically) problematic: Continue reading