That’s My Boy

Originally posted on May 7, 2012

I wonder just how desperate Adam Sandler is for a hit movie. It has been a while for him. Most of his films have not done well, and of those that have most are not well regarded.

For some reason Sandler seems to take the Homer Simpson approach to his films: if a certain style does not work the first time, try the same style again and again and again and again. I do not think Sandler even believes people will suddenly like his films. I think he makes them just because he and his friends find his brand of humor funny.

That sort of explains Sandler’s new film That’s My Boy:

Yes, child rape is absolutely hilarious. It is funny when teachers use their power to manipulate teenage boys into having sex.

At least that is the message Sandler wants the audience to get.

I do not think anything is above being made fun of. There are many ways to take a serious situation like child rape and write something funny that involves that scenario. Louis CK did a great skit about the Catholic Church.

But that it is not what Sandler did, and I have seen enough Sandler movies to know that. Continue reading