Hiding in Plain Sight: The Female Sexual Predator

What does it say about our society when we are only acknowledging the reality of female sexual perpetrators at the end of 2016?

As much as I detest the “it’s the current year” argument, I feel it is applicable in this instance. Despite all the progress made in victim advocacy in the last thirty years, we still hesitate to admit that women commit sexual violence. The hesitation comes in part from cultural norms about women’s capacity for violence, in part from assumptions about male victimization, and in part from a political movement that frames sexual violence as a “gendered” crime.

I have written numerous times about female sex offenders. While the topic receives less media and scholarly attention, there are plenty of studies showing the prevalence of female sexual perpetration. I previously noted that if one looks at these studies in chronological order, the reported rate of female perpetration, particularly against male victims, increases over time. The more we study the topic, the more obvious it becomes that not only do women commit sexual violence, but that they represent the majority of people who sexually assault men and boys.

As shown above, none of this information is new. I pieced it together without access to scholarly publications. Other advocates, men’s rights activists, and even feminists have done the same. The information is scattered and somewhat limited, yet it is not hard to find.

It is simply not discussed. Continue reading

A Honey Badger’s response to a feminist

I wrote about Liana K’s message to antifeminists two months ago. I thought I expressed my opinions well, however, Hannah Wallen released a series of video responses that I think did a much better job. Wallen spoke to a number of issues I missed or barely touched.

One of the elements to the divide between feminists and everyone else is that feminists seem unwilling to let go of parts of their ideology. For many feminists, protecting feminism supersedes objective analysis. Wallen noted this in her fourth video: the concern seems to be converting people to feminism rather than considering their complaints. Continue reading

A Dose of Stupid v129 part 2

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept.

Case in point:

7 Reasons So Many Guys Don’t Understand Sexual Consent (see part 1)

Point number four:

“Everything Women Do Is Intended To Stoke Male Hunger”

Wong describes becoming infatuated with women in bikinis due to a Sports Illustrated magazine. He goes on to state:

So after having lived my entire life with the clear understanding that this is an outfit women wear to make men want to ejaculate, what thoughts do you think went through my dumb young mind when I went to the beach and saw real women wearing the same? Do you think I was able to see them as humans instead of coy manipulators?

Wong should have been, however, it appears that his parents failed to teach him to see beyond what a person wears (or does not wear). Again, that is their failing, not society.

And I am certain that all those teenage girls who grew up reading Tiger Beat, which featured shirtless, speedo and swim trunks-wrapped teen idols, went to the beach and saw real men wearing the same thing and saw them as humans instead of walking sex toys? Continue reading

A Dose of Stupid v129 part 1

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept.

Case in point:

7 Reasons So Many Guys Don’t Understand Sexual Consent

Obviously the above Cracked article will not be full of lies, misrepresentations, and conspiracy theories. Let us allow author David Wong explain why “so many guys” do not understand sexual consent. Wong’s premise:

The following sentence applies regardless of when you read this: A famous man has recently been accused of doing sexual things to a woman (or many women) without consent.

He means Donald Trump, yet for some reason chooses to avoid stating that as if no one would know of whom he speaks.

Well, here’s something you should know: I was taught from birth that this behavior is exactly what women want.

That Wong’s parents failed to instill into him basic morals and ethics speaks volumes about them. It says nothing about the rest of society.

However, I doubt that was the actual message Wong was taught. Continue reading

No, feminist men can’t have a useful dialogue with men’s rights activists

Ashley Thomson asks “Can feminist men open up a useful dialogue with men’s rights activists?

No. One cannot have an open dialogue if one side does all the talking. This is the fundamental issue with any dialogue between feminists and men’s rights activists. Both sides disagree with each other, but only one side is willing to listen to what the other says. The other side only wants its views accepted without question. Any dissent, no matter how slight or justified, is taken as closed-mindedness and sexism. This is particular true for many feminist men. They tend to take feminist ideals and theories more seriously than feminist women, often out of a need to prove they are not faking their support. The result is that they are less likely than their female counterparts to accept any non-feminist perspectives, especially any men’s rights position.

Thomson demonstrates the inherent problem with the dialogue between the two camps at the beginning of the article: Continue reading

Dave Rubin interviews ‘The Red Pill’ director Cassie Jaye

Dave Rubin interviewed Cassie Jaye on the Rubin Report. Jaye directed The Red Pill, a documentary about the men’s rights movement. Jaye is a feminist and began the documentary as an attempt to look at the movement from a critical lens. She originally planned to make a film about “rape culture”, but shifted her focus after reading several articles by men’s rights activists that were critical of the theory. She decided to explore the men’s rights movement, partly to understand what it was about and partly to reveal the sexism within the movement other feminists warned her about.

However, during the process she found her views changing, and the film changed along with it. Instead of purely focusing on the men’s rights movement, Jaye also included her video journals about her changing perceptive on men’s issues. She initially doubled down on her feminism after the first series of interviews. It was further interviews with feminists and their reaction to her film that started to evolve her position. Continue reading

MILO at Auburn University: “Feminism is Cancer for Men… and Women!”

Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos is currently engaged in his Dangerous Faggot college tour. To date, he has had one school cancel his talk, another was cancelled due to a bomb threat, and one was also sidelined as the college attempted to overcharge for security. Nevertheless, the tour continues.

Milo’s talks have been hit or miss. He is certainly playing to a crowd and being the provocateur. It is difficult at times to parse what he actually thinks verses what he says for the lols. It is clear there is a trolling aspect to his tour, and it may be that his supporters are among those being trolled.

That said, when Milo’s talk work, they work well. I thought he did a good job of breaking down the current issues with modern feminism on college campuses. He does go for a number of low blows, some of them unfair, although still funny. Overall, I think it is important for people to understand the impact modern feminism has on college students and the environment, particularly when it comes to the way the schools operate. Continue reading