This is why we can’t have nice things

One of the common mantras used by the far left is that we as a society “need” something. This thing typically is not an actual necessity. It is never food, water, air, clothing, education, or the like. It is usually something trivial and pertains to the progressive ideology. For example, take Bustle’s recent article titled Why Being A Geek Also Means Being A Feminist, Because Why Should Guys Have All The Fun?

Shaun Fitzpatrick regales readers with her insights about the importance of feminism in the geek community. One knows it will be a rather pedantic escapade when an article begins with:

As I write this, I am currently wearing a button down, a pair of suspenders, and have a bow-tie and fez in my backpack (I’m waiting to get out of work and dress up for a Doctor Who exhibit at a local spot). I feel a little bit like Clark Kent, hiding my nerdy superpowers from an office full of unsuspecting co-workers. Not that I’m really that interested in hiding. I am a geek, a fangirl, a card carrying, feels-having, obsessive devotee toward a select group of shows, movies, and books that have captured my heart and imagination and make me incapable of shutting up if someone mentions them in my presence.

But I’m also a pretty outspoken feminist, which at times can seem like a conundrum.

It is a conundrum, although not for the reason Fitzpatrick thinks. The issue is the “but” in her sentence. The word “but” is a term of negation. It implies that the clause preceding it is untrue in part or in whole. By stating that she is a geek, but also a feminist, Fitzpatrick implies that being a geek is anathema to being a feminist. I would agree. The two do not go well together. Fitzpatrick explains why: Continue reading

In Defense of Bigotry

It did not take long for a feminist to rally behind Bahar Mustafa. I mentioned in my prior post that Mustafa faces criticism, job termination, and potential criminal charges as a result of hate-speech she used on Twitter. Mustafa defended her use of the hashtag #killallwhitemen by claiming they were “in-jokes and ways that many people in the queer feminist community express ourselves.”

Keep in mind that Mustafa is Goldsmiths’ University union’s welfare and diversity officer. Her job is to be unbiased. Her job is to speak out against in-jokes told at other groups’ expense. To claim that the jokes are acceptable because of past wrongs is illogical and indefensible.

Enter Slate’s Amanda Hess: Continue reading

Be Careful What You Ask For

For years feminists clamored about the lack of female characters in comic books. They demanded more titles featuring superheroines. The comic book industry needed these super women, feminists claimed, in order to break up the “boys’ club.”

Feminists demanded strong female leads. They wanted women who were unafraid of anything. They wanted women who did not rely on archetypes or tropes. They wanted women who did not need a man. They wanted books that not only focused on women, but featured all-female casts.

So the industry gave feminists what they asked for. It took some time. There were a few false starts — the Minx line, Marvel Divas, Girl Comics. However, eventually Marvel and DC, the former in particular, managed to get it right and give feminists exactly they wanted. And now:

Smart, Nice and Sassy: ‘Good Girl’ Role Models Make Boring Heroes

I will allow ComicsAlliance’s Juliet Khan explain: Continue reading

Feminists Irritated Townspeople Want Teen Girls Punished for Nude Photo Leak

Eight Liberty High School boys were suspended after authorities discovered nude pictures of Liberty High School girls on their phones. According to the report, the boys shared the pictures via text message, Twitter, and Instagram. The suspensions range from two to ten days. The school district issues a comment about the incident:

“LPS is aware of the situation and appropriate discipline will be handed down, per school board policy. Such incidents provide good reminders for our students to use good judgment before posting anything on digital devices. Digital citizenship is taught in all schools and will remain a priority as technology use continues to increase in our society.”

There is just one other problem: the girls. According to the report, the eight boys were suspended, yet the 16 girls who sent the pictures were only verbally reprimanded. This did not sit well with the community:

When people in the community first watched this story on FOX 4 and read it on FOX 4’s Facebook page and, they expressed irritation that only the boys were suspended.  We want to know what you think. Please take our poll below so we can gauge the community’s stance on how students who send and receive nude photos should be punished.

The poll currently shows that 76.03% of people who took the poll think the girls should have been punished as well. The comments on the article show a similar response, particularly from women.

That seems fair given the circumstances. Both the boys and girls could face criminal charges for possessing photos of minors. The girls could also face charges for creating the images. Why should only the boys face suspension for sharing the photos when the only way they could have gotten the photos is if the girls sent them?

But that does not sit well with some feminists. Continue reading

New Avatar

I want to thank my friend Chris for creating the my new avatar.

jake avatar

It is a remarkably accurate caricature. I particularly like the coloring. It reminds me of Naruto. My cousin also noted the detailing on the jacket. I did not notice it at first, but now I see the bat symbol. Batman is my favorite character. It was quite cool of him to add that element.

However, I much prefer the avatar he created for himself. That was also a very cool thing to do.

Chris, if you read this, firstly thank you. Secondly, prepare for my godson to harass you. He wants one. You should start drawing now.

#ListenAndBelieve: A Lesson in Bigoted Ideology

Originally posted on December 20, 2014

How unsurprising that the Good Men Project ran yet another long-winded, misandrous article accusing men of being vile, patriarchal, privileged misogynists who ironically cause their own extremely rare and unharmful problems and make the world horrifically horrible for women just by existing.

I could comment on the article, however, John Anderson already did an excellent job pointing out its flaws. Instead, I want to focus on the core problem that prompted the author to write the article: disbelief.

Specifically, the feminist unwillingness to listen and believe men when we talk about our experiences. Throughout the article, the author addresses many of the complaints non-feminists have concerning the feminist position on masculinity, manhood, and maleness. He does so by dismissing those complaints outright. Instead of listening to what men say, the author follows the typical feminist tract of telling men what their feelings, opinions, and experiences are, and demanding that men abide by those opinions lest they prove their privileged bias.

This attitude results is pure condescension, as illustrated by a commenter named Andrew Pauls. Continue reading

Calgary Expo sends cop to badger the Badgers

I just read this on Twitter:

Here is an explanation: several people attended the expo to meet the Honey Badgers. Following the Badgers’ ejection from the Calgary Comics Expo, the group decided to find a place where their fans could meet them. They chose a park located near Calgary. They posted the location on Twitter and their website. Apparently someone from Calgary Expo discovered this and promptly had the expo’s security contact the police. Continue reading