MILO at Auburn University: “Feminism is Cancer for Men… and Women!”

Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos is currently engaged in his Dangerous Faggot college tour. To date, he has had one school cancel his talk, another was cancelled due to a bomb threat, and one was also sidelined as the college attempted to overcharge for security. Nevertheless, the tour continues.

Milo’s talks have been hit or miss. He is certainly playing to a crowd and being the provocateur. It is difficult at times to parse what he actually thinks verses what he says for the lols. It is clear there is a trolling aspect to his tour, and it may be that his supporters are among those being trolled.

That said, when Milo’s talk work, they work well. I thought he did a good job of breaking down the current issues with modern feminism on college campuses. He does go for a number of low blows, some of them unfair, although still funny. Overall, I think it is important for people to understand the impact modern feminism has on college students and the environment, particularly when it comes to the way the schools operate. Continue reading

Nate Parker learns a lesson about social justice politics

A woman accused Nate Parker and his roommate Jean McGianni Celestin rape in 1999. The woman claimed that the two men assaulted her while she was intoxicated and unconscious. The two men professed their innocence, claiming the sex was consensual. A jury acquitted Parker, but convicted Celestin. Celestin later won an appeal. The woman later sued the school, Penn State, and received a settlement. According to reports, she committed suicide in 2012.

In most instances, this would be the end of the story. However, Parker recently directed the film Birth of a Nation, and the interest in the film brought attention to his past. Given the politicized nature of sexual violence and the current politics playing out with the campus rape “epidemic”, the media immediately latched onto this part of Parker’s past. Continue reading

The Honey Badgers interview Justin Trottier of CAFE

The Honey Badgers interviewed Justin Trottier, the spokesman for the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE). I have followed CAFE for some time. They appear to do great work in helping men and boys in Canada, from creating services for fathers to pushing for increased recognition of male victims of abuse. CAFE initially received hostile responses from Canadian feminists, many of who mobbed any conference or talks CAFE gave on college campuses. The organization also faced bans and blocks from speaking at certain events, including being barred from a gay pride parade the group previously marched in.

The bulk of the complaints about the group hinge on the group’s focus on men’s issues, which their critics label as “misogynistic”, often without providing any evidence of a sexist view of women. It is a rather bizarre situation in which an organization attempting to help men essentially faces attacks for doing the very thing its critics claim no men’s rights group ever does: actually try to create services for men and boys. Continue reading

Rant: A Message to a Feminist, From a Feminist Critic

Liana K posted a rant about antifeminists on her YouTube channel. I intended to write a short response as a comment and a longer response here. Unfortunately, I do not think I can whittle the response down. Before I proceed with my comment, I suggest people watch the video. Whether you agree with Liana or not, she does come across as genuinely concerned about how antifeminists perceive feminists.

She does take a great deal of heat from feminists, non-feminists, and antifeminists on Twitter. For that reason, I can understand some aspects of her tone. Watch it is for yourself, and then read my response. It will be directed at Liana because, as I mentioned before, I intended to leave it as a comment. Continue reading

Dear feminists: men are sick of you “reassuring” us you don’t hate men, too

Here is a note: if your movement has existed in its current form for over 60 years, and since its inception people assumed you hated a group, and people still assume your movement hates that group, perhaps it is time to admit your movement hates that group.

Feminists frequently complain about people, particularly men, assuming feminism is about hating men. Wherever would people get this idea? It is not as if feminists write articles about how all men are potential rapists until proven otherwise. It is not as if feminists use hashtags mocking male feelings or threatening to kill men. It is not as if they target socially awkward males and accuse them of feeling entitled to sex with women. It is not as if feminists claim that all men belong to a global hegemony intent on oppressing women for some unspecified reason.

That never happens.

No, according to Holly Mallett people assume feminism is about hating men because they just hate feminists. So she felt the need to share that “I’m Sick of Having to Reassure Men That Feminism Isn’t About Hating Them”.

If people think negatively about feminism and feminists, one ought to look at their arguments first. They may have a point. Or one can complain about how hard it is having to prove you are not a bigot… as you present incredibly bigoted arguments. For example, Mallett wants men to think feminists do not hate them. To prove this, she opens her article with a disclaimer: Continue reading

The Rubin Report: Thunderf00t

Dave Rubin interviewed Youtuber Thunderf00t for his show The Rubin Report. Thunderf00t is a well-known scientist who takes apart religion and feminism on his YouTube channel. He began with tackling the religious, particularly Christians, and found they did not like him. However, the Christian backlash paled in comparison to the feminist response.  Feminists have tried to get his channel pulled and to get him fired from his job, all because he challenges their views.

The interview covers most of those topics, as well as Thunderf00t and Sargon of Akkad’s disagreement over the Brexit issue. Continue reading

A Dose of Stupid v127

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept.

Case in point:

My teen boys are blind to rape culture

Of course they are. They were raised by a feminist mother who likely never shuts up about “rape culture”. I write that having only read the title.

I already know where this is going: This author has spoken to her sons about “rape culture” for years, and they largely ignored her. Now that they are old enough to understand how utterly moronic her logic is, they simply will not put up with her discussions anymore. Despite all her efforts, this feminist’s sons are swathed in misogyny and are at risk of continuing “rape culture” themselves. They may even become rapists. The only fix is more feminism, and a large dose of women’s stories so her ill-minded sons can know the terrors of “rape culture”.

That is my speculation just from the title. Let us see how close I am: Continue reading