Dear feminists: men are sick of you “reassuring” us you don’t hate men, too

Here is a note: if your movement has existed in its current form for over 60 years, and since its inception people assumed you hated a group, and people still assume your movement hates that group, perhaps it is time to admit your movement hates that group.

Feminists frequently complain about people, particularly men, assuming feminism is about hating men. Wherever would people get this idea? It is not as if feminists write articles about how all men are potential rapists until proven otherwise. It is not as if feminists use hashtags mocking male feelings or threatening to kill men. It is not as if they target socially awkward males and accuse them of feeling entitled to sex with women. It is not as if feminists claim that all men belong to a global hegemony intent on oppressing women for some unspecified reason.

That never happens.

No, according to Holly Mallett people assume feminism is about hating men because they just hate feminists. So she felt the need to share that “I’m Sick of Having to Reassure Men That Feminism Isn’t About Hating Them”.

If people think negatively about feminism and feminists, one ought to look at their arguments first. They may have a point. Or one can complain about how hard it is having to prove you are not a bigot… as you present incredibly bigoted arguments. For example, Mallett wants men to think feminists do not hate them. To prove this, she opens her article with a disclaimer: Continue reading

The Rubin Report: Thunderf00t

Dave Rubin interviewed Youtuber Thunderf00t for his show The Rubin Report. Thunderf00t is a well-known scientist who takes apart religion and feminism on his YouTube channel. He began with tackling the religious, particularly Christians, and found they did not like him. However, the Christian backlash paled in comparison to the feminist response.  Feminists have tried to get his channel pulled and to get him fired from his job, all because he challenges their views.

The interview covers most of those topics, as well as Thunderf00t and Sargon of Akkad’s disagreement over the Brexit issue. Continue reading

A Dose of Stupid v127

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept.

Case in point:

My teen boys are blind to rape culture

Of course they are. They were raised by a feminist mother who likely never shuts up about “rape culture”. I write that having only read the title.

I already know where this is going: This author has spoken to her sons about “rape culture” for years, and they largely ignored her. Now that they are old enough to understand how utterly moronic her logic is, they simply will not put up with her discussions anymore. Despite all her efforts, this feminist’s sons are swathed in misogyny and are at risk of continuing “rape culture” themselves. They may even become rapists. The only fix is more feminism, and a large dose of women’s stories so her ill-minded sons can know the terrors of “rape culture”.

That is my speculation just from the title. Let us see how close I am: Continue reading

A magical gathering of pettiness

It is rather sad that identity politics has crept its way into something as mundane as Magic: The Gathering.  I find this so baffling that until I see it I cannot believe this happens. The word to describe this nonsense is petty. This is a card game,  yet some people obsessed with politics try to ruin someone’s life because of a minor political disagreement.

What frightens me is not only the viciousness of the attacks, but also that many of these types of people will end up in real positions of power. What happens when these are our the face of our nations?  Continue reading

The Rubin Report: Karen Straughan

Dave Rubin allowed Karen Straughan to dominate his show. I suppose the technical phrase is “he interviewed her”, however, Rubin barely had a chance to ask questions.

All joking aside, it is pretty good interview. I give Rubin credit for his balance. He tries to get as many different voices on his show, and whether he agrees with their positions or not, he allows them to speak. That usually does not apply to professed men’s rights activists or anti-feminists. Those who wish to discuss their views rarely conduct interviews with MRAs or anti-feminists. When they do, the presentation of the opposing position looks more like a parody than a serious review.

Rubin does none of this in the interview. He simply lets Straughan speak, although in fairness, she would have done that anyway. The only person I can think of who could outdo the Karen Train is Milo Yiannopoulos. Yet as a result, Sraughan covers a host of topics, from the pettiness of some online feminists to the abuse of Afghan boys.

It is a good interview that is worth listening to, although you may forget that Rubin is there if you do not look at the screen. Continue reading

Milo Yiannopoulos interviews Chuck Dixon

Milo Yiannopulous interviewed comic book writer Chuck Dixon a few weeks ago. The interview concerned Dixon’s adaption of the book Clinton Cash.

I enjoy Dixon’s work. He wrote my favorite comic book version of Batman and Nightwing. He always added in a of instability to Bruce Wayne, specifically the way Batman would undermine or sabotage his relationships with the rest of the Bat family. It makes for an interesting read. His run on Nightwing is one of the best.

One thing I like about Dixon’s work is the lack of political spin. I do not mind politics in comics in moderation or if the creator wants to make a broader point. However, some creators cannot separate their politics from their creations. It hurts the story because the only fleshed out characters are those who adhere to the creator’s worldview. Anyone outside of it lacks nuance, and is often a foil for the more “politically appropriate” character. Continue reading

It’s not “victim blaming” if you don’t blame the victim

Thanks to progressives, I now need to defend Donald Trump. I do not want to defend Trump. I do not like Trump. I think he is supremely narcissistic, purely self-interested, and likely one of the best manipulators in the world. He plays people, using their interests and biases to entertain himself. I doubt he wants to be the president of the United States. I doubt he intends to follow through should he win. This is all a game to him.

That said, despite Trump’s penchant for making stupid comments, his detractors also have the habit of taking his comments completely out of context. For example, Julia Sonenshein wrote about a three-year-old tweet Trump made about military rape:

Sonenshein is correct that it is a terrible comment. It implies that men are incapable of controlling their actions. While there are certainly some men like this, to assume that men and women cannot work together without the men raping the women is absurd. However, that was not what Sonenshein took from Trump’s tweet. She read a different inference: Continue reading