Couple adopted and groomed boy for abuse

This is one of the most horrendous, yet familiar cases of child abuse I have heard of:

An American pedophile has been convicted to 40 years in prison for years of sexual abuse of adopted Russian boy. His boyfriend from New Zealand who allegedly assisted in meticulously recording acts of sexual offence is going on trial at home.

Two members of the pedophile porn exchange ring Boy Lovers network, Mark J. Newton, 42 and his long-term partner Peter Truong, 36, were busted in 2011 on suspicion that they were sexually molesting their son, born to Russian mother in 2005.

A US judge in Indianapolis has imposed maximum sentence on American-born Mark J. Newton, 42, for sexual exploit of a minor and conspiracy to possess child pornography. Newton is also obliged to pay $400,000 in compensation to the boy’s account.

Newton’s boyfriend Peter Truong, 36, awaits court in New Zealand.

According to reports, the pair sought a surrogate mother in the United States, but failed to find one. They eventually found a Russian woman who they paid $8,000 to give birth using Newton’s sperm. The couple took the boy, who the media refers to as ‘Adam’, five days after his birth.

Amazingly, the couple were interviewed about their adoption by US media outlets. What no one knew is that the couple intended to raise the boy to be their sex slave: Continue reading

Defending Injustice

It is well documented that when women commit sex offenses they face lesser sentences than men. It is not difficult to prove. One need only look for it. According to a study conducted by feminists:

When all variables, sex, sentence length, and offense category, were considered, a significant difference was recognized in sentence length, and mean sentence length for men was longer, indicating a harsher penalty for the same or similar offense. Standardized scores for length of sentence with regard to sex offenses in general showed a mean of 8.42 for men as opposed to 7.92 for women. In addition, those specific offenses, which found a significant difference in sentence length, rape, child sexual assault, and forcible sodomy, showed a mean standardized sentence length of 9.38, 7.88, and 9.04 for men, as opposed to 8.83, 7.41, and most notably, 6.23, respectively (Table 2). In no instance were women sentenced to longer or more severe sentences with regard to any sex offense. Furthermore, not all sex offenses are the same. (p. 158)

So if a person were to argue that a woman who stripped in front of students will get the “pussy pass”, meaning that she will receive a lesser sentence than a man, that person would not be wrong.

Of course, some would disagree. Enter David Futrelle’s complaint about a reddit commentContinue reading