Peter Truong sentenced to 30 years

I wrote about the case of Peter Truong last year. Truong and his partner adopted a boy and groomed him for abuse. They intended him to be their sex slave and set about training him. They even allowed other men to abuse the boy.

A judge sentenced Mark Newton, Truong’s partner and an U.S. citizen, to 40 years in prison. Truong, a New Zealander, was sentenced to 30 years in December:

Queensland paedophile Peter Truong, who bought a newborn boy for US$8,000 and then allowed men around the world to abuse the child, has been sentenced in a US court to 30 years’ jail.

Truong, 36, faced a maximum 40-year sentence, while the plea deal he struck with prosecutors could have allowed a minimum of 24 years.

US district court judge Sarah Evans Barker, in announcing the sentence on Monday in Indianapolis, took note of Truong’s willingness to work with authorities to lead them to other paedophiles and his own history as a childhood abuse victim.

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