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Caseworker blames starved boy’s family for not warning her about abuse — A caseworker for a Toronto boy who starved to death at the hands of his grandparents says other family members should have warned her the couple had a history of abusive behaviour. Margarita Quintana, a frontline children’s aid worker, is testifying for a third day at the coroner’s inquest into the death of Jeffrey Baldwin.

Domestic violence against men at its highest level in Northern Ireland since police began recording statistics — Domestic violence against men in Northern Ireland has increased by more than 40% in nine years – and that’s just reported incidents. PSNI figures reveal that the figure reached a record of 2,525 male victims in 2012/13, up 259 cases on the year before. Police started recording the statistics nine years ago. They also show that in one year alone (2011/12) the level of reported incidents jumped 25% (from 1,833 to 2,266).

GMP: Fathers are not important — The Good Men Project (GMP) recently ran an article by Suzanne Venker about the importance, indeed irreplaceability of fathers in the lives of children. Venker supported her contentions by pointing to the spectrum of psychological and social maladies which are inarguably much more likely to befall fatherless children than those whose nuclear family remains intact. She also conveyed a deep sense of appreciation for her husband and his importance in her life and the life of their son. The tone of the article was upbeat, affirming and positive about the importance of men and masculinity, particularly in the lives of children. Of course, GMP quickly realized their mistake and took the article down. Continue reading