CNN: Lying Liars Who Lie

Donald Trump’s first press conference in months became the spectacle that most people expected. I watched it with my cousin. We found it ridiculous and unprofessional. There was, however, one moment that brought a smile to my face:

The reporter is right. It is not appropriate for the president-elect to deny a media outlet the opportunity to ask a question or call them names. Yet it is also not appropriate for CNN to run a story they not only did not vet, but one that no other media outlet could verify. If all it took to disprove this report was checking Cohen’s passport, why did CNN fail to do this? Why did they not ask those around Cohen questions about his whereabouts? Why did they not do their jobs?

The answer is simple: the lie fit their narrative. Continue reading

The Spectacle of Our Politicians

I intended to avoid commenting on the recent presidential election. I did mention in a previous post that I would write about it. However, I found the process of researching the election and reading all the inane things both the right and left-wing did too irritating and depressing. I kept needing to remind myself that these are all adults, not grade school kids fighting during recess.

Yet a new incident prompted me to write this topic. Continue reading

Not a difficult choice

I will post one more thing about the presidential election. I make no attempt to hide that I have no intention of voting for Donald Trump. The man is entertaining to watch, a total spectle, mesmerizing, yet utterly unqualified to be president. You could pick a random person off the street and they would be better prepared for the job. Trump’s thin-skinned nature may play well in business circles, but in political and global circles it would put the country and world at serious risk.

Many Democrats and liberals will read that and assume I support Hillary Clinton. I will try to make this as clear as possible: I would sooner have a son, raise him to be completely differential to all adults, wait until he reached puberty and take him to Pennsylvania State Penitentiary and leave him stripped naked in Jerry Sandusky’s cell with a bottle of lubricant before I would ever vote for Hillary.

In short, it will never happen. Continue reading

The Spectacle Continues

Never before have I desired for the presidential election cycle to just end already. This current cycle presents the absolute worst that the United State process has to offer. One candidate lacks any knowledge about the job he claims he wants and the other cannot conceal her sense of entitlement to the office of the presidency.

The spectacle reached its lowest point this past weekend with the rather convenient release of a tape of Donald Trump making vulgar jokes. The right wing responded by treating those comments as the final straw, as if Trump suggesting he would kill the families of suspected terrorists was not bad enough to refuse to support him. The left wing jumped at the chance to accuse Trump of committing sexual assault without any evidence.

This was also how the debate on Sunday night began. Continue reading

It’s not “victim blaming” if you don’t blame the victim

Thanks to progressives, I now need to defend Donald Trump. I do not want to defend Trump. I do not like Trump. I think he is supremely narcissistic, purely self-interested, and likely one of the best manipulators in the world. He plays people, using their interests and biases to entertain himself. I doubt he wants to be the president of the United States. I doubt he intends to follow through should he win. This is all a game to him.

That said, despite Trump’s penchant for making stupid comments, his detractors also have the habit of taking his comments completely out of context. For example, Julia Sonenshein wrote about a three-year-old tweet Trump made about military rape:

Sonenshein is correct that it is a terrible comment. It implies that men are incapable of controlling their actions. While there are certainly some men like this, to assume that men and women cannot work together without the men raping the women is absurd. However, that was not what Sonenshein took from Trump’s tweet. She read a different inference: Continue reading