No Indictment for woman who raped sleeping man

Last October, a Texas woman broke into the home of a family friend and forcibly performed oral sex on him:

In her fourth arrest this month, Megan Davis Hoelting, 31, was charged with burglary with the intent of sexual offense Tuesday.

Hoelting told police that, in just a nightgown, she snuck into her husband’s friend’s bedroom while he was sleeping Monday night, according to a felony criminal complaint obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Hoelting said she took off her nightgown and, in just underwear, got into the man’s bed. She said she wrapped her legs around the man’s waist and kissed him, according to the complaint.

The man said he woke up to find someone on top of him, “fondling his genitals” and “attempting to perform fellatio upon him,” according to the complaint.

When the man realized it was Hoetling, he told her to leave. She refused and the man called to police to remove her. Hoetling confessed to the crimes. One would think that would be enough to obtain a conviction. However: Continue reading

Confronting taboos: Nigerian boys abused by women

Abuse committed by women remains a taboo subject. In countries like the United States, that began to change as more high profile cases hit the news. However, other countries still keep the discussion of the topic to a minimum.

Nigeria is one of those countries. Sexual violence is not something openly discussed or confronted, but this is particularly true when the rapist is female. Cultural stigmas and expectations often lead boys raped by women to rationalize their abuse even as they acknowledge the abusive power dynamic at play.

A recent article on covered the issue. Author Aderonke Bello interviewed several men abused by women as children. One man recounted his “abusive relationship” with a 35-year-old woman that began when he was 12-years-old:

Juwon Adeniji was introduced to sex at age 12 by a woman 23 years his senior. She forced him into an abusive relationship which lasted for seven years.

“My cravings for older women cannot stop in this lifetime,” were the words of Juwon Adeniji, “I am married to a woman who is 11 years older than me, I fought a battle with my family members because my wife is older. Anyway, I won. So far, I have been blessed with two healthy boys.”

His parents were never at home to tend to him. He was left in the mercy of their neighbour who took advantage of his parents’ busy schedules to abuse their son. For the years it lasted, they never found out about what was occurring right under their noses. The boy enjoyed the act and got used to it, not realising it was abuse until he became an adult.

“My parents worked from morning till evening. With me being the only child and no one to leave me with in the ancient city of Idanre where my parents worked, our neighbour who was a full housewife offered to take me in when the school bus drops me. Then my parents would pick me from there at the end of each working day (from Monday to Friday). She fed me daily, we would watch Indian films and wrestled together when her husband was not around. I liked her because she cared for me,” he explained.

One of the moment common refrains one hears about female abusers is that they act out of love and compassion and confusion. They are never predatory. It is only their need for companionship that drives them. Keep that opinion in mind as Juwon continues his story: Continue reading

#SJW Feminist Myths Destroyed by Karen Straughan

Stephen Crowder interviewed Honey Badger Karen Straughan several days ago. They discussed feminists, social justice fights, GamerGate, domestic violence, and a host of other issues. Straughan featured a longer discussion (complete with more profanity) on her site.

Both talks are worth a listen. Continue reading

Bulletin Board v272

As Taliban Prisoner, Bergdahl Said To Endure ‘Horrible’ Abuse — U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl endured some of the worst abuse any U.S. prisoner of war has seen for decades while being held for five years by the Taliban in Afghanistan, a defense official has testified. Bergdahl suffered torture, abuse, and neglect, including months of beatings, said Terrence Russell, an expert with the military’s Joint Personnel Recovery Agency.

Barbara Kay: Attention paid to male issues doesn’t diminish from feminism: it’s not a zero sum game — Cathy Young is a widely admired libertarian “equity feminist” American journalist, whose considerable critical skills often deployed in dismantling the “rape culture” narrative, continually ruffle ideologues’ feathers. Young was scheduled to speak at the University of Toronto tonight, Thursday, September 24th, on “The Politics of Gender and Victimhood,” an event planned by the University of Toronto Men’s Issues Awareness Society (UTMIAS) and sponsored by the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFÉ), on whose advisory board I sit.

Bluffs woman pleads not guilty to having sex with teen boy — A Council Bluffs woman has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual abuse involving a 15-year-old boy. Jessica Pritchard, 26, was arrested on July 23 in Alliance, Nebraska, and charged with four counts of third-degree sexual abuse involving a minor and four counts of dissemination and exhibition of obscene material to a minor. If convicted of third-degree sexual abuse with a minor, a Class C felony, Pritchard could face up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Continue reading

Woman not charged with rape after threatening boy with a knife

Heather Phillips decided to rape her daughter’s ex-boyfriend. According to an article, Phillips told the 15-year-old boy not to breakup with her daughter and called him a “hot kid”:

Police were called after the 15-year-old victim reported to his parents that he had been in a sexual relationship with Phillips and that she told him she was pregnant, the report said.

The parents of the victim informed police they they wished to press charges.

The victim told police that he had been in a relationship with Phillips’ 12-year-old daughter.

According to the police report, Phillips would have private conversations with the victim in her bedroom on numerous occasions to talk about his relationship with her daughter after arguments the two would have.

Phillips told him that he should not break up with her daughter and that he was a “hot kid,” the report said. She then allegedly told him that “she had feelings for him.”

Phillips proceeded to message the boy, eventually meeting him in a park where she raped him. According to the police report, the boy said that he did not want to have sex with Phillips, but she forced him. On a second occasion, Phillips took the boy to her home and into her bedroom: Continue reading

Woman receives suspended sentence for burning boyfriend’s penis

Bronwyn Joy Parker burned her boyfriend’s penis with hair straighteners after she suspected him of cheating:

Bronwyn Joy Parker, 22, had pleaded guilty to recklessly causing serious harm over the incident which left her then boyfriend with third degree burns to his genitalia at her Mount Barker home in December 2013.

In sentencing, District Court Judge Paul Muscat said Parker’s crime was one of the “most unusual” he had encountered during his time in court.

He said the victim suffered third-degree burns to each side of the shaft of his penis requiring treatment in the Burns Unit of the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

According to the report, Parker got her boyfriend to agree to the act as a form of punishment if he cheated. Parker initially intended to burn the man’s testicles, but he talked her into only burning his penis. Granted, “only” is not the most apt word. The man suffered third-degree burns that will require years of treatment:

The court has heard he now requires constant review by medical specialists who have indicated the healing and scarring process may take up to two years.

“In short, his penis will be scarred for life and he will suffer from a number of issues, including the proper function of his penis, not to mention the cosmetic and psychological problems associated with the scarring to such a sensitive site,” Judge Muscat said.

This all began because Parker is apparently an incredibly jealous woman. The judge acknowledged that she frequently physically and emotionally abused her boyfriend if she suspected or he admitted to cheating. The situation worsened to such an extent that Parker talked the man into agreeing to let her burn his testicles with straighteners if he cheated on her. And that is what happened: Continue reading

Former teacher gets 2 to 30 years for sexual abuse

Brianne Altice tried very hard to plead her case in court. She befriended, then exploited three high school boys, all between the ages of 16 and 17. When caught, she faced five counts of rape, two counts of forcible sodomy, and three counts of forcible sexual abuse.

Of course, it was not her fault:

Brianne Altice, a 36-year-old former high school teacher, has blamed self-esteem, a bad marriage, and three flirtatious male students for a series of sexual indiscretions that have now earned her a 30-year prison sentence.

Brianne, then an English teacher at Davis High School in Utah, befriended the three boys — then aged 16 and 17 — and began kissing one between classes, the Associated Press added. These encounters soon escalated to sex. Another of the boys considered Brianne his girlfriend during their year-long relationship.

Evidently, “Who is Ms. Altice sleeping with now?” had become a common refrain in hallways at school, according to a lawsuit filed by the boy’s parents.

“I’m human and I messed up during a very vulnerable point in my life,” Altice during her trial, ABC4 reported. “During the time I was going through feelings of rejection, no sense of belonging, abandonment, fear and was bound by emotional chains that just kept getting thicker and tighter. I descended on a very slippery slope and hit the bottom.”

Perhaps those “emotional chains” would explain this: Continue reading