Gamergate meet-up receives bomb threat

So this happened:

Out of curiosity, I did a search for news articles about this threat. I found seven, however, only two were from gaming sites. One was from Kotaku, which ended with this line:

Our own distaste for GamerGate’s methods and social media campaigns has been no secret—and many members of GamerGate have actively worked to destroy Kotaku. A bomb threat against any gathering of people is nonetheless deplorable.

That is a begrudging admission at best. Continue reading


It was only a matter of time before something like Gamergate happened. It has been a long time coming. The biased pandering in gaming journalism have been obvious for years. The critics of the community have tried their hardest to attack every aspect of gaming. Attacking a marginalized group inevitably leads some within the group to lash out. That anger often results in threats and harassment, which often met in kind.

While many people sound the death of gamers and relish skewering the gaming community as white, straight men whining because they are losing their privileged and entitled status, few have presented a reasonable explanation of why the situation devolved so fast.

Allum Bokhari solves that problem with an article explaining why the situation is so bad. He uses Jack Thompson as an example. Thompson spent much of 2005 railing against video games. His attacks on the gaming community were met with ridicule. Gaming journalists reported his efforts to rid the world of its “culture of violence”, yet they did not side with him. When Thompson received death threats, the journalists reported on them and admonished those sending them, but did not side with Thompson. As Bokhari notes in his article, the gaming community continues to mock Thompson.

But Bokhari offered a hypothetical alternative: Continue reading

A little bit of funny

I stumbled on this video a few minutes ago while looking up web comics to read. It is a spectacular take down of the complaints some feminists make about the gaming community.

I think this tactic would have been the better choice for the Penny Arcade guys to have taken rather than the “Team Dickwolves” shirts, although I did find that tactic funny as well.

Music that Inspires v.25

Everything I’m craving
all the things I wanna do
And I don’t know what to do
I’m not done yet

I heard my 13-year-old godson singing this last night. I assumed he wrote it because it sounds like something he would write, but it turned out it was from VAMPS. They managed to sneak out an EP on me. It came out earlier this month. My godson found out about it before I did because he and his band have spent the summer teaching themselves to play every song from Asian Kung Fu Generation’s last album. He goes onto various Japanese sites to find the lyrics and stumbled onto the new VAMPS EP last night. He spent several minutes laughing at me as I hunted down a reasonably priced copy of the CD instead of… acquiring it as he suggested (I like owning physical copies of albums, movies, and books). The cool part about the EP is that it also has the instrumentals on it.

VAMPS has two videos out for their single release AHEAD/REPLAY. The lyrics above are from AHEAD. REPLAY is the theme song to Dark Labyrinth. I also found out that they are releasing a best of album featuring their English songs and I think two new tracks sometime in October. I know it is due out in Europe, but we will have to see if it comes to the States. Continue reading

A Dose of Stupid v90

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

E3: 72 Hours of Misogyny

The fun part about the internet is that you can usually check the sources. For example, let us say someone writes a tweet about a particular person that upsets someone. Let us say that upset person then writes an article blasting said tweet as an example of “rampant misogyny” in a given community. Well, one can easily track down said tweet and see what kind of response it got.

This is what I tried to do, except said tweet had been deleted. Deleting the tweet would not stop anyone from commenting on it, so I looked for evidence that the Twitterverse supported Boogie2988’s now deleted tweet, “£429 do we get a complimentary blow job off Bonnie Ross with that?” and could not find anything remotely supporting it or him.

The only negative mention about Bonnie Ross,the studio head of 343 Industries, I could find came from Matthew G P Coe’s tweet about the wolf whistle someone did at the beginning of Ross’ talk at E3. When I looked up the #E3 Bonnie Ross and Bonnie Ross hashtags, the only sexist commentary I could find was in reference to Coe’s article on the Good Men Project.

It is obvious that feminism and video games mix as well as oil and water, so it comes as no surprise that feminists will find “rampant misogyny” no matter how quick their glance. Continue reading