A Lesson in Indoctrination

My godson is in middle of choosing what college to attend in two years. I do not envy his position. Modern colleges have become a cesspool of progressive nonsense. Instead of teaching students how navigate a world with differing ideas, colleges indoctrinate students into an ideology that teaches them the world is riddled with sexism, racism, and a host of other bigotries.

It teaches them that white men rule everything and have unfair, unearned privileges. It teaches them that minority groups and women are constantly held back and treated as inferior. It teaches then to view the world in a purely adversarial manner.

This is what my godson must choose from. It is no wonder he is having a hard time choosing. Considering his interests — music and animals — unless he goes to vet school he will deal with this madness.

The curious part about this situation is that most people never get to see the insanity in its raw form. Sargon of Akkad solves that problem in a recent video: Continue reading

Feminism and “Homosexual Misogyny”

Sargon of Akkad published a video about feminist claims of misogyny among gay men. This is something I heard when I was a child, and it remains a common complaint from feminists. Their argument is that gay men mock femininity and adopt an exaggerated form of it that women could never perform. They also argue that some gay men adopt the personas of oppressed women like black women, again exploiting the identity in a way that those women would never get to do in society.

I found it a bizarre argument when I was a child, and I continue to find it ridiculous now. While there are scores of gay men who engage in exaggerated femininity, the majority of them are not doing so out of malice. If they find black women to be the pinnacle of whatever identity it is that they wish to achieve, they are hardly co-opting the black female experience anymore than a black woman behaving like JFK is acting white. Continue reading

Bulletin Board v246

Adolescence: The secret life of boys — I was a cute child, I guess. When I got to school my older cousin took me aside. He said some older boys would come after me—for sex. “That’s how it works,” he said. “It’s dangerous for new boys.” He told me I had to make sure I was never alone. He said, “Don’t go to the toilet alone. Don’t let a senior boy call you out alone.” He told me what places to avoid.

Alabama woman convicted in children sex abuse ring — The conviction Wednesday of an Alabama woman accused of being part of an incestuous sex ring provided graphic evidence about horrendous child molestation, but it didn’t answer a baffling question: What happened to a young victim who is missing and presumed dead? Jurors took two hours to convict Wendy Wood Holland, 35, of sodomy, sexual abuse, sexual torture and child endangerment. She showed no emotion when the verdict was read.

Babysitter Accused Of Raping 10-Year-Old Boy Claims ‘He Forced Himself On Me’ — A babysitter accused of raping a 10-year-old boy is claiming that she was forced into the act. Marybeth Rataic, a 25-year-old Connecticut woman, was said to have had “three or four sexual encounters” with the pre-teen in question, but she shares a different side of the story. According to a report from NBC Connecticut, Rataic claimed that the 10-year-old had a crush on her and “forced himself on her while they were wrestling and tickling each other.” Continue reading

Losing religion

A video of a young man coming out to his family has gone viral. Daniel Ashley Pierce recorded an “intervention” his family set up to confront him about being gay. Their reaction is  tragic, abusive, and a testament to the profound stupidity of holding onto ancient religious beliefs.

That is not how to react to your child coming out as gay. Continue reading

Bulletin Board v227

10 years after Abu Ghraib, no justice for torturers, tortured — “You can’t spell abuse without Abu,” said one US Army medic to another, Sgt. Andrew Duffy, after throwing a seriously injured and handcuffed Iraqi prison to the ground, face-first, upon his arrival at Abu Ghraib. The majority of abuse at the notorious US torture prison, formerly Saddam Hussein’s notorious torture prison, wasn’t fatal. But it was even more heinous and brutal than most Americans realize, even those who have seen the photos that are now international symbols of US brutality in the War on Terror and recruiting tools for countless terrorists.

Exclusive: ‘X-Men’ Sex Abuse Lawyer Says He Was Assaulted, Too — When Jeff Herman sees a child held by their arms and legs it is, as he puts it, “an uncomfortable trigger. I have some vague memories of being very young, and there were two older girls holding me by my arms and legs, and they had cut my pants open.” The lawyer has tried to remember more, but cannot. Herman, 54, is mulling my question about whether he has been sexually abused.

Inside the mind of a paedophile — In a way he had always known. But it wasn’t until he was married with kids that Nick realised he was a paedophile. One afternoon, while his wife was out of town, Nick went to the park and watched children play basketball. Those children would never know that they had been watched so intently, would never know that the deviant observation of them would dramatically alter a man’s life. Continue reading

Bulletin Board v174

Advocacy group backs order to send girls back to Italy — On Monday the Family Court dismissed the mother’s last ditch attempt to keep her four daughters in Australia after she brought them here two years ago from Italy, ostensibly for a short holiday. The Brisbane court ruled the children, aged between nine and 15, be returned to their father in Italy and they were immediately taken into the custody of the Queensland Department of Communities.

Boy Scouts admit response to sex abuse was ‘insufficient’ — As the Boy Scouts of America prepares for the court-ordered release of records detailing accusations of sex abuse by members and leaders, the organization acknowledged in an open letter this week that its response in some of the cases had been “plainly insufficient, inappropriate, or wrong.” The letter comes after the Oregon Supreme Court ordered the Boy Scouts to release “ineligible volunteer” files from 1965 to 1985 that chronicle suspected or confirmed instances of child sex abuse.

Boy Scouts kept files on gay men alongside paedophiles — It has been revealed that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) kept tabs on members they suspected of being gay alongside records of scoutmasters and other volunteers who were suspected of being child molesters. The Boy Scouts says the files, known collectively as ‘perversion files’ were compiled to make sure pedophiles were kicked out and stayed out of Scouting. However an analysis of the files by Seattle’s KING 5 television channel shows top officials in the youth organization were keeping files on suspected gay Scouting volunteers as well.

Boy Scouts to review all allegations of sexual abuse — The Boy Scouts of America announced Tuesday that it would conduct a comprehensive review of files on suspected sexual predators to ensure that all allegations of abuse in the last 47 years have been reported to law enforcement. The move would mark the first time in the organization’s century-long history that it thoroughly studied its own confidential files, a blacklist meant to keep predators out of Scouting.

Children most often killed by mothers — New Zealand mothers kill more children than any other group in society and men are victims of domestic violence as often as women, a police investigation has found. The Family Violence Death Review, released today by police, found mothers were responsible for 45 per cent of children killed by domestic violence. The review of 95 family violence deaths involving 101 victims between 2004 and 2011 revealed some “inconvenient truths”, Family First national director Bob McCoskrie said.  Continue reading

Had your fill?

As I walked downtown today with my cousins, I had a hankering for chicken fingers. Since we were pretty far from the heart of downtown, I figured we could go to the new Chick-fil-A that opened earlier this year. I had wanted to try it out, having never been there before. This was around 1:30 pm, and I knew the store might be packed because with Loyola students on lunch. However, I did not expect this:

Supporters of Chick-fil-A turned out in droves Wednesday to the chicken chain’s downtown Chicago and Orland Park restaurants in the wake of criticism directed at the company for an executive’s anti-gay marriage comments.

Shortly after 1 p.m. in Chicago, a line of more than 120 people snaked out of the store at 30 E. Chicago, not far from the Magnificent Mile.

Earlier, hundreds of people lined up out the door in Orland Park, spilling into the parking lot, and cars waiting to park or make their way to the drive-through snaked through the entranceway to the shopping center and down LaGrange Road.

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