Sargon interviews Tommy Robinson

I do not follow British politics much, so I know only a little about Tommy Robinson. He is the former leader of a pro-British party that he eventually left once more racist elements began to take over. He is known in the UK for his criticism against of Islam and Muslims. The negative response he receives also comes with a number of arrests, assaults against him, and a fair deal of accusations of bigotry.

I watched Dave Rubin’s interview with him several weeks ago. While I do not agree with all of Robinson’s positions, he does seem genuinely concerned with how political correctness results in people ignoring the violence within the European Muslim community.

Sargon interviewed Robinson after the latter mentioned him during a rally. It is worth a listen: Continue reading

DC sniper says he was sexually abused by accomplice

Originally posted on November 1, 2012

In an article, Lee Boyd Malvo claims that John Allen Muhammad sexually abused him:

D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo claims he was sexually abused by John Allen Muhammad, his older accomplice in a 2002 killing spree that terrorized the Washington, D.C., area, according to NBC News.

“For the entire period when I was almost 15 until I got arrested, I was sexually abused by John Muhammad,” Malvo said in a prison interview broadcast on NBC’s “Today” show on Thursday.

“I felt a sense of shame, and I just said, ‘That’s just something I’d never tell anyone,'” Malvo said. “And to a certain extent, up to that point, I really couldn’t handle it.”

I always suspected as much. People who have as much mental control over others as Muhammad had over Malvo tend to exercise physical and sexual control over them as well. It is part of the brainwashing process, making the person completely dependent on the manipulator. It also exploits the person’s emotional needs, as Malvo later explained: Continue reading