It’s a “conspiracy”

Jerry Sandusky is so going to prison. It is not a matter of credible evidence against him. Rather, it is the utter incompetence of his lawyer that will land him in prison. Joe Amendola claims that several of the victims in the case plotted with each other to take Sandusky down for money:

“We know for a fact that Accusers No. 2 and 6 know each other, and we believe No. 7 also knows 2 and 6, and it’s quite possible that No. 4 knows all of those three,” Amendola told Glor.

And? Unless Amendola can prove that the four of them spoke with each other, all he has is a wild accusation that would get sustained before he could finish his question.

But let us assume those four are lying in part or in full. What about the other six? Are they all lying? Why is it that they all have similar stories despite the time between their accounts? Since all but two of them came forward before any information about the accusations made national news and they came forward at different times, just how did they plan this elaborate plot? Better yet, why not just sue Sandusky from the beginning? It is much easier to win a civil suit than a criminal case. Continue reading