You’re Not Helping v.27

If Matt Stone and Trey Parker decide to make fun of you, the best recourse is to just let it happen. Stone and Parker are two of the best modern satirists. Even if one had the skill to take them on, their response would be devastating. It would be a particularly terrible decision to do this just before the next season of South Park began.

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Sponsored Content

South Park continues to deliver this season. Trey Parker and Matt Stone prove themselves master satirists in this week’s episode titled Sponsored Content.

The premise is simple: ads are everywhere. You see a news story you want to read and click on link. Yet as soon as the page loads. If not that, then the page so full of ads the article is unreadable. So you download an ad-blocker for your browser, and that solves the problem until some sites find a workaround.

Now some sites will not allow you to view the content without allowing the ads (or pop-ups) through. Of course, people have the option of ignoring such sites, which brings in the final method of advertisement: sponsored content.

You have seen it. It hides in plain sight, masquerading as news articles. There is the article about lowering dental fees or the one about insurance. There is the one about the changing prices for various foods and the one about ski resorts. Sometimes they are so well hidden that you do not realize what they are until the middle of the article. Other times they are so lazy they are little more than a slideshow.

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In My Safe Space

I love South Park. I have watched the show since began. Some of the seasons have been lackluster, some of the episodes misguided and disordered. However, this current season has brought the show to another level.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have always taken shots at the far left. Many of the best South Park episodes center around mocking some far left activist or commenting on a popular far left behavior or trope. Yet the pair have outdone themselves by taking on the progressive crowd full-swing this season.

Previous seasons featured one-shot episodes. Beginning last season, South Park took a more narrative approach. The entire season ties together, with numerous subplots running through each episode.

That change allowed Stone and Parker to achieve the current seasons crushing attack of the progressive crowd (also called “social justice warriors”). This season comes with the new PC Principal, Mr. Garrison going full Telfon Donald Trump, and a withering mockery of Caitlin Jenner. Continue reading