Military rape and suicide

Originally posted on September 23, 2013

CNN ran an article about Jack Williams, a Vietnam-era veteran who faces numerous physical and mental health issues as a result of rape.

According to the article, Williams’ assistant drill sergeant raped then 18-year-old Williams several times while he was in training:

In the dead of night, the assistant drill sergeant woke Williams and ordered him to a second-floor office.

Williams stood before the sergeant in his government-issue T-shirt and boxers. He stared straight ahead, like he was supposed to. Suddenly, the sergeant choked him, threw him on the floor.

“He was all over me. He was raping me.”

After it was over, Williams cleaned himself up and went back to bed.

“In the military, everyone pulls together. I did not want to be the one who let everyone down.”

The article states that the cadets were cut off from the outside world. They were not allowed any calenders or watches, nor were they allowed to make phone calls or leave the base. Williams kept the rape to himself. The sergeant came back several days later. This time, the sergeant beat Williams and knee-dropped him in the kidneys. Williams later fell on rocks during a training session, making the injuries worse. Continue reading