Sargon interviews Tommy Robinson

I do not follow British politics much, so I know only a little about Tommy Robinson. He is the former leader of a pro-British party that he eventually left once more racist elements began to take over. He is known in the UK for his criticism against of Islam and Muslims. The negative response he receives also comes with a number of arrests, assaults against him, and a fair deal of accusations of bigotry.

I watched Dave Rubin’s interview with him several weeks ago. While I do not agree with all of Robinson’s positions, he does seem genuinely concerned with how political correctness results in people ignoring the violence within the European Muslim community.

Sargon interviewed Robinson after the latter mentioned him during a rally. It is worth a listen: Continue reading

Aftermath of the Cologne New Years Eve Attacks

Sargon of Akkad uploaded a video about the Cologne New Year’s Eve attacks in Germany. On New Year’s Eve, thousands of Muslim men took to the streets and physically and sexually assaulted scores of people. This occurred in several cities, but the main focus has been Cologne due to the number of reported assaults and the following cover-up.

It is the latter that has proven most curious because not only did the authorities attempt to hide what happened, but the progressive media also attempted to mislead people about the identity of the assailants and the nature of the assaults.

The reason for the cover-up is that the majority of men who committed the violence appear to be migrants and refugees from Middle East and North African Muslim-based countries. Tthe Germany authorities do not want to admit this and decided to mask the identities of the assailants as best they could, lest anyone (i.e. the progressive left) accuse them of “racism” despite Islam not being a race. Continue reading

Bulletin Board v136

Innocence Project: DNA shows Mo. man not guilty — Innocence Project attorneys cited DNA and other evidence Monday in asking a judge to free a man who has spent nearly three decades in prison for breaking into a St. Louis woman’s home and raping and killing her. George Allen Jr. was sentenced to 95 years in prison in the death of Mary Bell, 31, who was killed inside her home during one of the largest snowstorms in St. Louis history — some 20 inches fell during the storm on Feb. 4, 1982.

Male teacher numbers falling over abuse and pay concerns — While the number of male teachers in private schools has risen 20 per cent, government schools are suffering a lack of men.The “alarming” figures contained in a Social Trends report released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics were damned by the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations. The report found that since 2000, the number of men teaching in government schools had fallen from about 50,000 to less than 48,000. Non-government schools, including independent and Catholic schools, enjoyed a rise from less than 24,000 to more than 29,000.

Man found guilty in teen rape case — A MAN who repeatedly raped a 17-year-old boy and sexually assaulted two 14-year-old boys was sentenced to 14 years jail in the Bundaberg District Court yesterday. The 32-year-old Bundaberg East man pleaded not guilty to six counts of raping the 17-year-old and assaulting him causing bodily harm. A jury of five men and six women found the man, who cannot be named in order to protect the victims, guilty of the assault and five of the six counts of rape.

More must be done to prevent men’s suicides — The apparent suicides of NHL players Rick Rypien and Wade Belak, and the accidental overdose of Derek Boogaard, have put issues such as mental health, addictions and suicide in the headlines. These issues that are typically kept private among friends and family get attention most often when high profile people lose their lives. Unfortunately, the incidence of suicide is all too common. More Canadians die by suicide than by motor vehicle accident. Someone dies by suicide in Canada about every two hours. And while family and friends grieve, the rest of us wonder why?

Parents of abused adopted son charged with involuntary manslaughter — Michael and Nanette Craver, the parents of a seven-year-old boy who sustained fatal head injuries in their care, have been acquitted of murder but instead charged with involuntary manslaughter. Although the US prosecution believes that the death of Nathaniel Craver was caused by repeated blows to the head, the parents have insisted that their son ran head first into a stove, and that they had continually tried to seek treatment to curb his self-harming nature.  Continue reading