Penn State students riot for… Paterno?

Last night the Penn State Board of Trustees fired Joe Paterno. Earlier that day Paterno released a statement saying that he would retire at the end of the season. The Board of Trustees’ decision came after a full day of news coverage. They had little choice in the matter. From Paterno to the Board, the decision appears governed by money and power, and the Board could not risk the lose of money that allowing Paterno to remain might bring.

This is a huge blow for Penn State. Paterno is, as the media constantly reports, the “winningest” coach in college football history. He ran that program for decades and had great power in the university. Not only did he make Penn State’s football team winners, he also kept them clean. The players basically could not do anything wrong or they risked getting in trouble with Paterno.

That kind of prestige breeds affection, and plenty from Penn State and the surrounding community flocked to support Paterno. That would be fine, except for one thing: Paterno is accused of ignoring child rape.

That makes some people’s reaction to Paterno’s firing all the more curious:  Continue reading