Oh look, Salon deleted their pro-pedophilia articles

In September of 2015, Salon published two articles by a self-professed pedophile Todd nickerson. The man stated that he has an attraction to girls, and went on to explain his “coming out” story (for lack of a better word). Salon and the author received a great deal of criticism, the man for his positions and Salon for running the article. It is worth noting that majority of the criticism came from victim advocacy groups and right-wing groups. Left-leaning people, particularly progressives, remained silent on the topic or supported Salon.

Things became more questionable when Salon published a follow-up article by this man in which he bemoaned the criticism, painting himself as a victim of people’s bias against pedophiles.

Now those articles are missing from Salon’s website. Continue reading

Salon, pedophilia, and defending a “monster”

Salon recently published an article titled I’m a pedophile, but not a monster. The author, Todd Nickerson, shared his story about being an “anti-contact” pedophile, i.e. someone sexually attracted to children who is against engaging in any sexual activity with them.

Nickerson begins the article by talking about his disability (he was born without a right hand), his difficultly fitting in with other children, and finally an instance of sexual abuse by a family friend. I give him credit for that approach. He tried to humanize himself after stating his attraction to children. I doubt it worked, but at least he tried.

He went on to then state: Continue reading