A Lesson in Indoctrination

My godson is in middle of choosing what college to attend in two years. I do not envy his position. Modern colleges have become a cesspool of progressive nonsense. Instead of teaching students how navigate a world with differing ideas, colleges indoctrinate students into an ideology that teaches them the world is riddled with sexism, racism, and a host of other bigotries.

It teaches them that white men rule everything and have unfair, unearned privileges. It teaches them that minority groups and women are constantly held back and treated as inferior. It teaches then to view the world in a purely adversarial manner.

This is what my godson must choose from. It is no wonder he is having a hard time choosing. Considering his interests — music and animals — unless he goes to vet school he will deal with this madness.

The curious part about this situation is that most people never get to see the insanity in its raw form. Sargon of Akkad solves that problem in a recent video: Continue reading

In My Safe Space

I love South Park. I have watched the show since began. Some of the seasons have been lackluster, some of the episodes misguided and disordered. However, this current season has brought the show to another level.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have always taken shots at the far left. Many of the best South Park episodes center around mocking some far left activist or commenting on a popular far left behavior or trope. Yet the pair have outdone themselves by taking on the progressive crowd full-swing this season.

Previous seasons featured one-shot episodes. Beginning last season, South Park took a more narrative approach. The entire season ties together, with numerous subplots running through each episode.

That change allowed Stone and Parker to achieve the current seasons crushing attack of the progressive crowd (also called “social justice warriors”). This season comes with the new PC Principal, Mr. Garrison going full Telfon Donald Trump, and a withering mockery of Caitlin Jenner. Continue reading

Dear Marvel, You Can’t Win

Several months ago I wrote about an article featured on ComicsAlliance. Juliet Khan, the author, wrote a rant about Marvel and DC Comics’s recent attempts to appeal to progressive feminist female readers. Her complaint was that the new femalecharacters were bland and boring. Of course, this is precisely what feminists like Khan asked for. They want female characters who never do bad things, never make mistakes, never have bad things happen to them, and never have any character flaws. All this leaves creators with are characters who can only be snarky and sassy.

As I noted at the end of my post, people like Khan knew what the end result would be because comic book fans warned them. We told these progressives that their ideas were boring, yet they ignored us and demanded these characters anyway. And for inexplicable reason, both of the Big Two companies caved.

Now another ComicsAllaince writer shows us why capitulating to the so-called “social justice warrior” crowd is pointless. Continue reading