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23 women convicted of child pornography in Sweden — A Swedish court on Tuesday convicted 23 women and one man of child pornography offenses in what investigators called a unique case because of the number of female perpetrators. The Falu District Court gave the women, aged between 38 and 70, conditional sentences and fines ranging from 2,500 to 18,000 Swedish kronor ($380 to $2,700). It also sentenced a 43-year-old man to one year in prison for aggravated child pornography.

7-year-old’s suicide shocks Detroit community — Peering through the keyhole of a locked door in her family’s home near Detroit’s New Center, a 14-year-old girl saw the unthinkable: her 7-year-old brother hanging from a bunk bed with a belt around his neck, a police report says. The girl alerted her mother and called 911. The mother and a neighbor forced their way into the room, took the boy down, and called 911, too. The 7-year-old, whom the Free Press is not naming, had been depressed about being bullied by other kids at school and in his neighborhood, and about his parents’ recent separation, the boy’s mother told police, according to the report.

A Troubled Silence — THE revelation this week of alleged widespread child abuse at the elite Horace Mann School in New York City, most of it occurring during the 1970s and ’80s, is only the most recent instance of men coming forward, many years after the fact, with horrific stories of sexual molesting from their childhood. Most of those accused of the abuse in the Horace Mann case are dead, but under New York State law, if alive they would most likely be safe from justice.

Male Rape in the Military: Michael’s Story — Michael F. Matthews joined the Air Force in 1972 and honorably served 20 years, 12 on active duty. One night in 1974, while stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, he was taking a shortcut to his barracks when he was attacked by fellow service members. They knocked him down and sodomized him. Matthews did not report his rape. In his words, “Coming forward with something like this… there’s a risk involved. And there wouldn’t have been any help.”

Micky Ward: I was molested as a child — Boxing great Micky Ward, the inspiration for the Mark Wahlberg movie “The Fighter,” says he was molested by a family friend from age 9 until he was 12. In Ward’s autobiography, “A Warrior’s Heart: The True Story of Life Before and Beyond The Fighter,” the retired boxer wrote of his attacker, who was 10 years older, “He never asked me to do anything to him, but rather I was always on the receiving end of his advances. It wasn’t every month or every week, but it happened and it happened many times.”

‘Sex history’ window to pedophile priest’s mind — The priest always started his favorite “game” by having the young boy remove his underwear and put on loose-fitting shorts so he could fondle him more easily. Then, the Rev. Robert Van Handel would run his hands up and down the child’s body as he stretched across his lap, Walkman headphones on his ears, pretending to be asleep. The recollection appears in a 27-page “sexual history” written by Van Handel, a defrocked Franciscan cleric who is accused of molesting at least 17 boys, including his own 5-year-old nephew, local children in his boys’ choir and students at the seminary boarding school where he taught.

UK children need more volunteer male befrienders — “The shortage means many boys in need of a strong male presence in their lives are missing out on the adult male companionship they would like,” states researcher Dr Sue Milne of the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR) at the University of Edinburgh. Many of the children referred to befriending services face difficulties at home or in school. Some have learning or behavioural problems; others have been affected by the death or imprisonment of a parent, or by parental substance/ alcohol abuse.

Woman gets max sentence for abusing child with cold water — While imposing the maximum sentence Tuesday against a woman convicted of child abuse for torturing a 21-month-old girl with cold water, a judge lamented that his options “pale in comparison to any justice that should be doled out.” Mary Horsley, 51, was sentenced to 40 years in prison for her convictions on child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury and attempted child abuse with serious bodily injury.

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3 women in Zimbabwe charged in series of sex attacks on men — Police in Zimbabwe on Friday charged three women found in possession of 33 condoms containing semen with 17 counts of aggravated indecent assault in a case that may be a break in a string of sex attacks over the past two years by women targeting male hitchhikers. Prosecutor Michael Reza told a court in Harare that the counts were for each of the 17 men who had positively identified the women as having sexually assaulted them in 2010 or 2011. The women, all of them in their mid-20s, were arrested Sunday in Gweru, about 300 kilometers (186 miles) south of Harare, when their car was involved in an accident. Police found the condoms in the women’s car.

Afghanistan: Child Street Workers Vulnerable to Abuse — In the relentless heat of a summer’s day in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e Sharif, most people are trying to find some shade, but 11-year-old Mohammad Rafiq is walking the streets carrying a box full of shoe-shining equipment. Dripping with sweat, the boy asks passers-by, “Uncle, may I polish your shoes?” Although often rebuffed, he carries on walking undeterred, calling out, “Polish your shoes and slippers.” Mohammad Rafiq used to spend his days at school, but five months ago, his family moved to Mazar-e Sharif because of drought and unemployment in Faryab province, where they lived. He would love to carry on in school, but doubts he will able to do so.

Cleared man freed from La. prison after 30 years — Henry James was speechless when one of his attorneys told him he would be freed from prison Friday after 30 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. James said it felt like a miracle when the lawyer called Thursday to tell him a judge had vacated his 1982 rape conviction and ordered him released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. “I was shocked,” he said during an interview at the offices of The Innocence Project New Orleans. “After 30 years, you’re finally getting a chance at justice.”

Erie mom, boyfriend arrested for locking boy in ‘inhumane’ conditions — An Erie woman and her boyfriend face charges of child abuse, false imprisonment and crimes against an At Risk juvenile after police say they locked a 14-year-old boy inside a small room in their mobile home, often with no food. Amanda Jolliff, 36, and Richard Smith, 31, were arrested late last month after a neighbor called police when he found the frightened boy hiding under his porch. “His mom was coming home and he didn’t want to be home with her and feel her wrath,” Chad Buss told FOX31 Denver on Friday. “He was terrified.”

Essex County priest, teacher, accused of exploiting boys — For nearly two decades, he was known as Father John, the Roman Catholic priest who passed out skimpy, tight-fitting bathing suits to young wrestlers and snapped pictures by the thousands. Sometimes, he’d join in the bouts, donning a Speedo himself and grappling with teenage boys, one accuser said. Amid claims of inappropriate conduct — and after a months-long stay at a treatment center for troubled clergy members — the Rev. John M. Capparelli was suspended from ministry by the Archdiocese of Newark in 1992.  Continue reading