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Church must compensate clerical abuse victims — In August 2011, two defrocked priests were sentenced to jail for sexually abusing eleven boys placed in their care at St Joseph’s Home in Santa Venera. The former Father Charles Pulis and Father Godwin Scerri, both members of the Missionary Society of St Paul, had sexually molested the victims, in ways too disgusting to describe here, over a long period until 2003, when the abuse allegations at the St Joseph Home were first brought to public attention.

Conference to help male sexual abuse survivors — A conference taking place in Sudbury on Friday is finding ways for male survivors of sexual abuse to incorporate traditional Aboriginal values into their healing process. The “Healing the Fire Within” conference is being organized by the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre. The executive director of the organization said the sexual abuse of Aboriginal men has roots in a traumatic piece of history. “With the residential school came a number of intergenerational affects of trauma,” Angela Recollet said.

Drug treatment counselor admits he tried to rape boy — A Seattle drug treatment counselor accused of attempting to rape a 10-year-old boy has pleaded guilty. Charged in September 2011, David Allan Scratchley attempted to rape a 10-year-old boy at his Seattle apartment. He pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempted child molestation and is scheduled to be sentenced early next month. A prominent substance abuse counselor at the Matt Talbot Center, Scratchley, 53, told a patient at the center that he planned to have sex with the boy. Continue reading

Feminists, support services, and male survivors

When I write about feminist bias against male survivors, many feminists object. They claim that no feminists they know are like that. Some of the bolder ones will claim no feminists harbor such biases at all.

However, when one talks to male survivors and their advocates, one hears a different story. It is common to hear about rape centers hanging up on male survivors, referring them to abuser treatment programs, or accusing them of being rapists. One will hear of rape centers lacking any services for male survivors, from pamphlets to counseling. One may hear of extreme cases of open misandry.

The back and forth between advocates and feminist can go on forever because no one has really looked into how the services actually treat abused males. Until now. Glen Poole wrote about a study that covers this issue: Continue reading