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Concord mom pleads guilty to torturing son, is sentenced to up to 30 years — A 19-year-old former Concord man who was repeatedly tortured and then coerced to lie that his wounds were self-inflicted confronted the first of his three alleged abusers – his mother – yesterday at her plea and sentencing hearing in Merrimack County Superior Court, describing in detail how she brutally abused him in the family’s Penacook home. “Dear ex-Mother,” he began, reading from a statement as the woman, Christine Gelineau, sat sobbing nearby in an orange prison jumpsuit. (more on the case)

Dad Profiling — I’ve been sitting on writing this post for a couple weeks because I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to say about it. I knew that I was annoyed by what happened — angered even — but it’s not a totally black or white situation. A few weeks ago, my parents took me and my daughter, Annie, along with my nephew, Spencer, and niece, Michaela, to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. Normally, my sister and her husband would have come too, but they were out of town, so my parents and I were in charge of looking after Spencer and Michaela.

Demystifying the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Boys – Our Forgotten Victims — Child sex trafficking is a phrase with which most of us are familiar and in many ways a fashionable topic to discuss in the media nowadays thanks to the publicity the issue has generated from celebrities and activists, as well as from websites like Backpage.com and Craigslist which have sparked furor for allegedly facilitating trafficking. Yet, in thirteen years since the adoption of the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) – which defined anyone less than 18 years of age induced to perform a commercial sexual act as a victim of trafficking and not a criminal – one group has been noticeably and consistently ignored in all of the research, policy and practice…young boys. Continue reading