State Department reports rape of Afghan boys is on the rise

Originally posted on March 25, 2014

I began writing about the growing rate of rape of boys in Afghanistan years ago. Every year I write another post about it because every year another article, interview, or report comes out stating the problem is getting worse and yet no one does anything about it. Of all the reports and articles I read, none focused on the United States’ response to the issue.

To my knowledge, the U.S. government has little concern for boys beyond counting them as enemy combatants or making sure they do not become radicalized. However, it appears the State Department had been conducting research on the matter:

The State Department in its 2013 human rights report on Afghanistan said the sexual abuse of boys, or bacha baazi, is on the rise in the region, with the practice becoming common in Kabul.

“The practice of ‘bacha baazi’ (dancing boys) – which involved powerful or wealthy local figures and businessmen sexually abusing young boys who were trained to dance in female clothes – was on the rise,” the State Department said in its human rights report.

According to the State Department, neither child pornography or the sexual exploitation of children is against Afghan law. One would think, given how keen the United States was to change Afghan law to protect women, that someone would have introduced the idea of making child porn and child rape illegal.

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A Dose of Stupid v99

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

Why men don’t get a say in feminism

Imagine it is 1942. The United States finally enters World War II following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The Allied forces are glad to have the extra troops and full military support of the burgeoning world power. The United States and Britain decide to create a Combined Chiefs of Staff to manage the western war front. President Roosevelt approves the charter and the CSS is formed. It combined the British Chiefs of Staff Committee and the American Joint Chiefs of Staff.

However, the British quickly remind the Americans that they do not get a say in military decisions. Since the British and the rest of Europe bore the brunt of Germany’s assault, the Americans can only be allies. They get a seat a the table. They get to supply war materials. They get to fight on the front lines. They even get to die. But they do not get to make decisions. The British tell the Americans that they must be willing to let the American voice be the supporting player, not the lead.

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