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Boys and Men Suffer Sex Abuse, Too… — My thesis here is that many more American males are victims of sexual abuse than most people know or care about. How many people would guess that, according to a recent study, twenty percent of reported incidents of sexual abuse in the active duty military involve male victims? The report admits that counting the number of male victims is a problem because many male victims of sexual abuse either remain quiet about it or call it something else (e.g., “hazing”).

Children’s panel boss abused young victim before official meetings — The victim wept as he told a jury how Daniel Ross attacked him at the panel’s Glasgow headquarters in the early 1990s. The now father-of-four recalled how Ross “groomed” him and went on to abuse him again before vital hearings. Ross, who was also a special police constable, had by this time already preyed on another vulnerable boy he met through the children’s panel and attacked a third young man.

Damages sought for boy victims of sex abuse –The Delhi High Court on Thursday issued notice and sought the response of the Delhi government on a plea challenging the provisions of the Delhi Victims Compensation Scheme of 2011, on grounds that it discriminates against male victims of child sexual abuse. The plea has also sought enhancement in the amount of compensation given to child victims of sexual assault. Continue reading

Survivors Manchester excluded from Rape Support Fund

One of the main barriers male survivors of sexual violence face is a lack of services. Most existing sexual violence services only assist women and girls. Of the services that do assist men and boys, most provide limited counseling and referrals.

Male survivors need services,  however, even when those organizations are created, they face dismissal by the existing female-only groups. For example:

Survivors Manchester, a service which supports men and boys who have suffered sexual abuse, received a letter stating that the Rape Support Fund would only be allocated to women and girls over the age of 13.

The service is the only support centre for male victims of sexual abuse in Manchester and is only one in five across the UK as they received 48% more referrals from last year after the high profile arrests of several famous figures.

The letter explained that the fund was for ‘rape support services whose primary purpose is to provide direct support to victims of rape and other forms of sexual assault, including both recent and historic abuse,’ but only for women over the age of 13.

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