Something Terrible

Originally posted on October 24, 2013

I stumbled onto a comic about sexual abuse:

Something Terrible is a short autobiographical comic by Dean Trippe, and deals with mature subject matter, including childhood trauma and Batman.

Dean Trippe is best known as the creator of the superhero parody webcomic, Butterfly, and as the co-founder and co-editor of Project: Rooftop, the superhero costume redesign art blog. He is also co-host of The Last Cast podcast, and you can follow him on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Email for more information.

It is a powerful story, and reminds me much of my own. Continue reading

A little bit of funny

I stumbled on this video a few minutes ago while looking up web comics to read. It is a spectacular take down of the complaints some feminists make about the gaming community.

I think this tactic would have been the better choice for the Penny Arcade guys to have taken rather than the “Team Dickwolves” shirts, although I did find that tactic funny as well.