A Dose of (Douchey) Stupid v35

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

Repairing a Sexist Cartoon

Follow this logic. A person reads a comic strip that he finds offense. The strip makes a joke about a guy’s girlfriend talking too much and so the guy puts a sheet over her head and she falls asleep like a budgie. The offended person does not explain precisely what he finds offensive in the strip (although others attempt to do so in the comments), but he does come up with a solution to “fix” the sexism: replace the text with his own equally offensive words. He even presents an edited version of the strip with all the text removed so others can “get in on the act.”

Since he offered:

Because as we all know, the best way to combat harmless jokes sexist stereotypes against women is to engage in sexist stereotypes against men.

Actually, it is not. There are far more intelligent ways to address that issue, but I thought I should just point that out.

It is the least I could do.

15 thoughts on “A Dose of (Douchey) Stupid v35

  1. But TS– teh mehz IZ stoopid!

    And women? Women are equal to men. Except they’re smarter.

    Do you not comprehend feminist logic?

  2. If you think that cartoon is offensive, just scroll down the page a bit. In the right sidebar, just above the “Archives” you’ll find a drawing of a woman with what looks like a finger for a nose holding a leash attached to a rather small and naked man who is on all fours like a dog. But I guess its alright because it doesn’t offend anyone’s feminist sensibilities.


  3. I thought of a good comic that Ampersand could illustrate.

    First panel will show a man with a knife in his chest saying “Help me- I’ve been stabbed!”

    Second panel will show a woman with a t-shirt marked “feminist”, rolling her eyes, quipping: “Oh, great. Another fucking WHINER who denies his privileges!”

    I think it’ll be a hoot. Do you think he’ll do it?

  4. Maybe a third panel could have Ampersand talking to the stabbed dude, wagging his finger and saying: “Isn’t it about time that you reevaluated your own complicity in maintaining the patriarchal system which caused you to be stabbed?”

    Stabbed Dude: Are you crazy? I’m bleeding all over the place!

    Feminist: I bet you expect ME to clean that up for you. PFFFT!

  5. Apparently I was wrong. I went to the site and commented on the drawing of a woman with a man on a leash. Ampersand responded that the drawing is really of a “baby of undetermined gender.” Somehow I guess that changing the meaning of the drawing from one indicating female supremacy to one potentially in support of child abuse makes it acceptable.


  6. Aych, it would work better if you replaced the second panel with the new one you suggested, but made the male feminist just a random male feminist. You would have to fill in the extra two panel though before you moved into the punchline. But what you have now could make for good satire.

    TDOM, what did you expect?

  7. And the fourth panel would have the stabbed dude slumping on the floor as Ampersand turns to the Feminist and shrugs: “I think it’s sad and pathetic that unreconstructed males like this are so self-absorbed and blinded by their own privilege that they refuse to acknowledge or even see the harm that they cause to women and society.”

    Feminist: There’s a spot of blood on my shoe. Wipe it off with your tongue, would you?

  8. I pretty much expected just what I got. I was hoping for something a little more, but I guess I can’t complain. “A baby of undetermined gender” is a creative denial. It might be plausible if it didn’t look so damned much like an old man.

    BTW did you follow any of the links to the “repaired” cartoons posted by some of the commenters. They’ve substituted more than a little misandry for the misogyny, but like you said earlier, it isn’t sexist when feminists do it.


  9. Aych, you went too far. You need to dial it back so that it is extreme enough to count as satire, but not so extreme as to be utterly unbelievable or a thinly veiled personal attack.

  10. TDOM, I read a few of them. Some of them were flat-out malicious, while others were actually clever. However, since all except for a few engaged in the very sexism they were criticizing, it kind of makes the point of their substitutions moot and hypocritical.

  11. “all except for a few engaged in the very sexism they were criticizing”

    TS: But it ISN’T the very sexism they were criticizing!

    They were criticizing sexism against women, the only kind that counts. In fact, putting “against women” in that statement makes it redundant because similar things directed at men don’t qualify.

    Bashing men, insulting men, portrayals of men being kicked in the balls, that’s not sexism nor is it even objectionable. Except on the narrow grounds that it could make feminism look bad in the eyes of others some day. (Why do a lot of people think feminism is synonymous with man-hating? Golly, gee whiz, it’s a total mystery…)

    Women are too delicate to handle any insults from men and they get emotionally-damaged; that’s why these weak, fragile, child-like creatures need protection in the form of male self-policing.

    And, no, that sentiment isn’t sexist when comes from the mouths of feminists because their intentions are pure. On the other hand, your intentions, TS, are rotten to the core so if you say exactly the same thing, it’s pure sexism.

    And if you STILL don’t get it, it only proves that feminists are correct about mehnz being teh suck.

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