Lesbian Couple Drug, Torture and Starve Seven-Year-Old Boy

For some reason, when I read about this I though of a recent post over on Feminist Critics:

Seven-year-old Sean Gibson was found earlier this month wandering in a parking lot by employees of Westgate Resorts in Kissimee, Florida. He was out late by himself and begging for food at a buffet. The poor kid only weighed 37 pounds. They called authories who took him to the hospital.

Now domestic partners Suzette Stevenson, 45, and Jamie Lynn Martin, 26, have been charged with aggravated child abuse.

Fair warning, the torture these women subjected this boy to is rather graphic:

The boy, who is not a biological child to either woman, was allegedly tied by his wrists and made to stand in an upright position for hours at a time, forced to drink shampoo, was burned with cigarettes and had to urinate and defecate in a closet, according the Baker County Sheriff’s Office documents.


Instead, the two women allegedly threatened him with a box cutter and left him in a car, drugged with some type of adult sleeping pill, as they tried to collect $100 in a real estate promotion awarded to anyone who visited a timeshare open house.

And here:

The staff at Celebration was appalled when the extent of Sean’s abuse became apparent.

They amputated the big toe of his left foot, one of two that had been broken by bending. Other injuries include rope burns on his wrists from where he was left hanging by his arms from two large wall lights at the trailer.

“He had burns on the sides of his ears, and they believe those came from being dragged across carpets,” said the investigator. “The doctor initially called him ‘walking death’ and indicated he may have damage to internal organs from repeated kicking.”

Sean’s head was covered in bruises and knots believed to be from blows by fists, hands or other objects.

The one thing about this is that at numerous point people had the opportunity to intervene. At the daycare someone should have noticed. The fact that this boy was pulled out of school should have been a red flag. Or maybe someone could have bothered to verify the fake birth certificate these women had. The social service system was designed to address situations like this, but at every point that someone had a chance to step in no one did a thing. In the end it was the boy had to save himself.

One other element about this stands out. These two women were torturing this boy for apparently no reason at all. That just does not fit with the general profile of abusers. There is always reason, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Given that, I cannot say that the torture was not mitigated by these women’s general attitude towards males as a result of their sexual orientation. That is not to say that being lesbians caused them to be abusive, but there seem to be a propensity for lesbians who abuse children to specifically target boys.

23 thoughts on “Lesbian Couple Drug, Torture and Starve Seven-Year-Old Boy

  1. TS,

    Why is it that lesbians, overall, seem to be anti-male while gay men are pro-female?

    It is telling that they are greatly overrepresented in feminist organizations well beyond their percentage in the general population while the opposite trend appears to be true for gay men vis a vis masculist organizations. The most radical feminist cabals have the highest lesbian membership.

    Given all this hostility toward males, I see good reason to prevent lesbians from adopting male children.

    The ignorant general populace generally extends the alleged nurturing instincts associated with heterosexual women to lesbians as well.

  2. I would not say that gay men are necessarily pro-female. Some imitate females and a lot have close relationships with certain females, but from what I have seen, at within the gay community in this city, there is more of a tolerance of females, not a strong acceptance of them.

    In terms of men’s organization, I would suspect that there are more gay men involved than one might be inclined to think. Within the men’s movement there is a latent strain of anti-gay attitude which would keep those males silent, but not necessarily out of the organization. I can say this: most of the gay men I know would not vote Hilary Clinton, despite being progressive liberals and Clinton’s background with GLBT issues, and the most common reason given (amid various insults) is because of her focus on women.

    I cannot say that this incident is a reason to bar lesbians from adopting male children. They are not representative of all lesbians. After all, it is merely a difference in sexual attraction. With the exception of those are attempting to “gender bend,” one more often finds the same general characteristics among lesbians as one does among straight women.

    However, I do think that anytime one finds common behavior, like lesbians tending to favor boys as victims, someone should research what motivates that.

  3. We already know from myriad studies on child abuse that boys are more targeted for physical abuse. When it comes to torture of children, as in this case, the victim group is almost all male, the offender group mostly female.

    Thus, it is hardly surprising when seeing a torture case that the victim is a boy and the offenders women.

    As for lesbians … There does appear to be a sizable hatred of males problem within that community. I think the biggest part of that hate is there is no reason NOT to hate and possible benefit from hating. There’s no social rejection of misandrous people, there’s even open support for contempt for males. As for benefit, they get the group bonding which comes from using hate … “We’re better than THEM.”

  4. One is correct that most statistics concerning child abuse suggest that women tend to be the primary abuser when the victim is male. However, based on the studies I have read over the past few years, there tends to be a lot of crossover with male and female abusers when the victim is male. Both tend to participate on some level, but again, women do seem to be the primary abuser in most cases.

    Interestingly, according to some studies, male sex offenders who prey on boys have higher recidivism rates than those who prey on girls. They tend to have nearly five times as many victims. Also, offenders who prey on boys predominate the level 3 class offender, that is the offenders most likely to re-offend, use violence and/or kill their victims. Since little study has been done with female offenders, it is unclear whether this would hold true for them as well. Given the tendencies among female physical abusers though it would seem likely that female sex offenders who abuse males would likely be more dangerous than those who prey on females and more likely to have more victims than those who prey on females.

    In terms of lesbians hating males, I cannot say for certain that is the case. There does tend to be a certain level of animosity towards males, but the same seems true among gay men towards women. I think the difference is that lesbians who reject or dislike males do not face the same level or kind of contempt that gay men do for expressing the same feelings towards women. That is likely just an extension of the socially accepted notion that lesbians can be changed if they had sex with men.

    I can say that within the gay community there is a very clear rift between the two groups, with lesbians essentially being on the outer edge of the community, at least as how it is presented. A lot of gay establishments focus primarily on gay men and often do not allow lesbians access to them. In a way, within the gay community lesbians are othered in the same way males are othered in the feminist community. They will take their money, allow them to help build up organizations and establishments, but the “real” face of the community is the gay man, not the lesbian, mostly because lesbians are not treated with the same level of overt animosity as gay men are.

  5. What i wanna know is why. Why would you wanna do this to anyone??? You have got to be totally cold hearted to starve a child. You could have gave him to some one that wanted kids, instead of starving him. GOD, what is wrong with people in this world these days???

  6. Frankly, leaving aside the issue of misandry, I don’t think homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt children. This is not the first time I’ve heard of homosexuals severely abusing foster/adopted children under their care, and of social service employeees who know what’s going on not wanting to intervene for fear of being called ‘homophobic.’ We’re living in some pretty screwed up times that homos can adopt children, abuse them, and no one dares speak up about it.

  7. There are far more cases of heterosexual couples and adoptive single mothers abusing children than there are gay couples or gay singles doing so. The level of abuse does not seem substantially any different. The only real difference is why nothing gets done about that, and on that point I would agree that a large factor in cases like these comes from social workers not wanting to look homophobic. I do not think it is the motivating factor, but it certainly does seem to affect the decision to intervene.

  8. What I find I ironic is that this all happened at Westgate resorts…… Our family have recently bought a timeshare in their company, I was researching this resort to better educate myself with what they had to offer, to my surprise IT is said that their resorts are exclusive to HETEROSEXUAL couples only.. and that if they found out you had a HOMOSEXUAL partner, you will be removed from their facilities……. Another article I found from Buisness Journal that Westgate Resorts had built their own charity foundation, and that their president, David Siegel was a vocal critic of the charity’s decision to limit funding to groups that won’t allow homosexuals in their ranks……. now.. I’ll let you be the judge… is’nt it ironic that this is all happening on THEIR parking LOT…..

  9. search WIKIPEDIA and that’s where I found out about the resorts “GAY” policy

  10. These women should be removed from sociaty permenantly, that means FOR LIFE!! The non reversable effect this will have on this boy for the rest of his life, is not an excusable or parole granting offence.

  11. That is by far one of the most dispicable thing I’ve heard in a long time. Not to mention the fact that all of this went on for for how long BEFORE someone noticed. Come on people!!!!!

    When these couples are screened/assessed, you mean to tell me that a trained professional didn’t detect any presence of violence tendencies.

  12. Goes to show that all those morons that continually say “I wouldnt get a male to babysit or look after my kids” just got punched in the face by Mr Irony.

    Its sick, females and males alike are both abusers and its horrible. Males just get more publicity and hatred, whereas a female who abuses children like this (and this actually wrenched at my heart) is just dismissed in a lighthearted fashion.

    Our criminal justice system and our general opinion of abusers, etc. is a joke.

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  14. WOW I am appalled at the ignorance of the previous post and more so of all the readers that have not even attempted to set records straight. It is obvious the previous contributors are bigots and live to spread lies and hatred. I challenge everyone of you to use the resources available in local libraries and police agencies to back up your fabrication of rumors.
    I have search high and low for statistics of lesbian hatred towards men and have not found ONE substantiated investigation nor have been able to find regarding men and friendships with lesbians.
    In the contrariety, I find multiple data on straight parents with a child abuse background.

  15. Chachi, I am unaware of any comprehensive study on lesbian feelings towards men. However, plenty of lesbians do express a hatred towards men, such as the women from the above story. That straight parents abuse children does not negate that sometimes lesbians abuse children as well.

  16. Someone else brought up the matter of lesbian couples raising male children and abuse.
    Honestly, I have no statistics on this and, doubt that many studies would be conducted given it would be politically incorrect(if the supposition is correct all the worse that children be allowed to suffer because adults were to spineless to actually assess if there is a legitimate problem).
    But, with what IS known about sexual identity and how we learn and grow into adulthood, how can two women be reasonably expected to provide EVERYTHING a growing male needs? They cannot provide the male role model (sorry a butch chick in a lumberjack shirt doesn’t cut it, she is still neurologically too different from a man to be considered), or what about the essential relationship between a young girl and her father regarding her future life choices?
    Yes, it may be better to have gay couples (provided lesbians are not infact more prone to abusive behaviour) raise abandoned children if not better situation can be found.
    But, with what we do know about human development unless we can identify homosexual genotypes it is definately not an optimal situation to place straight children into situations which will surely confuse them and, deprive them of the models they need. I’ve heard enough from gay and lesbian sources about the issues of being raised in straight households the know I don’t think it is a good idea to purposefully create this confusion.

  17. Jay, you are correct that children need role models of both sexes, particularly role models from their own group. While some lesbian couples may not have any men around them, plenty do, and I suspect that those men fulfill the necessary role model gap that children would need.

  18. Eric….you are the most idiotic, ignorant moron I have ever met.

    Ill bet youre not worried if the surgeon who saves your life is Homosexual? Ill bet that wonderfull atorney who fought the best case ever for people and hes gay, doesnt get your abuse.

    Where do you get off thinking and EXPRESSING the vile homophobic garbage you come out with?

    You are just a completely ignorant piece of human debris. — No insults – TS

  19. Read 81 words This American Life ,,, why it was taken off mentally ill status.
    romans 1:25 – 33.

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