Help Restore the Anchor House

Back in April I wrote about the Anchor House. It is an organization that takes in trafficked boys. The group faced a backlash from the community as the people living near the group’s chosen location feared the boys would be violent. The Anchor House did find a location and manage to find funding as well.

I do have a criticism of the group, which is that they are a religious group. While it does not appear that they force Christianity onto any of the children, it is part of their platform. I do not see the need to inject religion into the situation. Nevertheless, the Anchor House is one of the few organizations that assists male victims of human trafficking, and I think people should support them.

This more necessary now, as the location was devastated by hurricane Matthew. The home was due to open in March 2017. Given the level of water damage, that has been delayed. Worse, the group’s flood insurance did not apply as they were still within the waiting period. They estimate it will take $80,000 to repair the damage.

The Anchor House has a GoFundMe fundraiser to try to cover the damage. They are hoping to raise $30,000, and the time of writing this they are at $5,745. I encourage people to support fundraiser. Any amount you can spare can help. Donate the money for your daily cup of coffee, a movie night, or that video game you already know will suck.

If you can, please donate. It is for a very good cause, one that rarely gets any attention.

What happens when you play loose with the definition of rape

I wrote about case in February in which an Iraqi refugee raped a 10-year-old boy because the man had a “sexual emergency”. The man, known as Amir A, claimed he had not had sex in four months and felt the need to release his “excess sexual energy”. He assaulted the boy while they were a pool facility. After the assault, Amir went back to the pool and continued diving and swimming. The boy reported the assault, and when confronted, Amir admitted to committing the crime.

This occurred Austria, a country that has taken in a number of Middle Eastern refugees. The Austrian government tries, like many European nations, to avoid any apparent attacks on Middle Easterners or Muslims. While this is a noble and reasonable position, the application of it is far from either of those. Instead of revealing what happened, the Austrian government attempted to conceal the assault from the media, claiming to do so for the victim’s protection.

Now, the Austria Supreme Court has taken it one step further. Amir A was convicted and sentenced to six years in jail for sexual assault and the rape of a minor. The Supreme Court decided recently to throw out the conviction. Their reason is because the prosecutors did not prove the victim said “no”: Continue reading

Let us talk about the Polished Man campaign

I happened upon the Polished Man campaign a few days ago. It is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about sexual abuse against children by men. It is important to make that distinction because the campaign fails to acknowledge that women can be and are the perpetrators of sexual abuse against children. From the campaign’s website:

Why Men?

90% of all sexual violence against children is perpetrated by men.

But that doesn’t mean we are pointing the finger.

We’re asking men to lead the way, to start conversations and challenge the culture from where they stand.

One man-i-cure at a time.

That is not entirely true. I have written numerous times about female sex offenders. Not only it is evident that women commit sexual violence, but it also appears that women, according to a feminist-run study, to commit at least 40% to 60% of the sexual violence against males. We can see this trend in action by looking at studies over the years. The more people research this topic, the more we find that women are responsible for a large amount of sexual violence.

I understand the point of the campaign. It is the typical self-indulgent, viral hashtag activism that is so popular these days. It is not that the celebrity men do not care about preventing child rape. It is that very little will actually come of it beyond pandering to people’s need to seen in a certain light.

Yet what makes the campaign so troubling is that it misrepresents the problem by explicitly blaming men for sexual violence, effectively erasing female perpetrators. It also uses a clear gendered element to campaign, implying boys are not victims of sexual violence. The campaign is little more than virtue signalling.

Of course, this begs the question of who the campaign reached the “90% of all sexual violence against children is perpetrated by men”. I will let TL;DR explain, as he did a tremendous job of pointing out the gross negligence of this campaign: Continue reading

MILO at Auburn University: “Feminism is Cancer for Men… and Women!”

Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos is currently engaged in his Dangerous Faggot college tour. To date, he has had one school cancel his talk, another was cancelled due to a bomb threat, and one was also sidelined as the college attempted to overcharge for security. Nevertheless, the tour continues.

Milo’s talks have been hit or miss. He is certainly playing to a crowd and being the provocateur. It is difficult at times to parse what he actually thinks verses what he says for the lols. It is clear there is a trolling aspect to his tour, and it may be that his supporters are among those being trolled.

That said, when Milo’s talk work, they work well. I thought he did a good job of breaking down the current issues with modern feminism on college campuses. He does go for a number of low blows, some of them unfair, although still funny. Overall, I think it is important for people to understand the impact modern feminism has on college students and the environment, particularly when it comes to the way the schools operate. Continue reading

Nate Parker learns a lesson about social justice politics

A woman accused Nate Parker and his roommate Jean McGianni Celestin rape in 1999. The woman claimed that the two men assaulted her while she was intoxicated and unconscious. The two men professed their innocence, claiming the sex was consensual. A jury acquitted Parker, but convicted Celestin. Celestin later won an appeal. The woman later sued the school, Penn State, and received a settlement. According to reports, she committed suicide in 2012.

In most instances, this would be the end of the story. However, Parker recently directed the film Birth of a Nation, and the interest in the film brought attention to his past. Given the politicized nature of sexual violence and the current politics playing out with the campus rape “epidemic”, the media immediately latched onto this part of Parker’s past. Continue reading

The Honey Badgers interview Justin Trottier of CAFE

The Honey Badgers interviewed Justin Trottier, the spokesman for the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE). I have followed CAFE for some time. They appear to do great work in helping men and boys in Canada, from creating services for fathers to pushing for increased recognition of male victims of abuse. CAFE initially received hostile responses from Canadian feminists, many of who mobbed any conference or talks CAFE gave on college campuses. The organization also faced bans and blocks from speaking at certain events, including being barred from a gay pride parade the group previously marched in.

The bulk of the complaints about the group hinge on the group’s focus on men’s issues, which their critics label as “misogynistic”, often without providing any evidence of a sexist view of women. It is a rather bizarre situation in which an organization attempting to help men essentially faces attacks for doing the very thing its critics claim no men’s rights group ever does: actually try to create services for men and boys. Continue reading

#HeforShe turns two and nothing else

The feminist campaign #HeforShe turned two-years-oldthis year. I forgot #HeforShe existed. This is a feminist campaign headed by actress Emma Watson. The goal is to convince men to become the indentured servants of support feminism. Scores of men signed up on the campaign’s website. The campaign also received broad support from various public figures, state officials, schools, and businesses.

Yet it has otherwise done nothing else. It has not resulted in any changes to laws, any actual assistance to women, or created any better understanding of feminism. It appears to be merely a vehicle for Emma Watson and those who support it to virtue signal to the progressive left.

Sargon of Akkad posted a video better explaining the absurdity of the #HeforShe campaign: Continue reading