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17 Former Connecticut Boy Scouts Allege Sexual Abuse — Seventeen former Boy Scouts have filed a lawsuit charging that their scoutmaster in Ridgefield sexually abused them from 1963 to 1975. The plaintiffs’ lawyer said that it was the largest single lawsuit filed against the Boy Scouts of America and that one child was molested more than 1,000 times. In addition to listing the 17 former Scouts, the lawsuit lists two girls allegedly sexually assaulted by the scoutmaster, Donald Dennis, who died two years ago.

Are we purposely ignoring child sexual abuse in Pakistan (and our homes)? — How many of you had the slightest idea that your helpless seven-year-old son, who wholeheartedly recited the Holy Quran alongside his so-called honest and unadulterated qaari sahib, was being sexually abused continuously in a barricaded room? We enjoy labelling ourselves as humble and modest beings when in truth we are the ones perpetuating brutality to its core.

Boy Tells Court How He Was Sexually Assaulted — A BOY who testified in court yesterday of his alleged sexual assault by a man he knew said he didn’t know if what was happening to him at the time was “right or wrong”. The child, who refused to face anyone other than Senior Justice Stephen Isaacs during his testimony, said he now knows that the alleged abuse was “wrong”. Stephen Serrette, who is accused of committing the abuse, sat in the prisoner’s dock as the child gave testimony. Continue reading

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Child sex abuse: Therapy seen as key to prevent re-offending — One of those is the Building Better Lives (BBL) sex offender programme delivered in Arbour Hill prison by a team of psychologists. It has three components: exploring, practising, and maintaining better lives. The Exploring Better Lives (EBL) programme is carried out over two months, after which the six-month Practicing Better Lives (PBL) programme is taken. The final four-month Maintaining Better Lives (MBL) programme is taken a minimum of one year after completion of the PBL.

Domestic Violence: Speak Out for Male Victims — Domestic violence is prevalent in the United States. Cases are on the news and in courthouses across the nation every day. What is not often talked about is domestic violence toward men and it is time for them to speak out. Any man–straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.–should be allowed the same resources and protection as women. According to a survey done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2012, one in four males have reported being victims of domestic violence.

Dublin Scout leader jailed for abuse of boys on camping trips — David O’Brien (63) would unzip the boys’ sleeping bags during the night, reach under their pyjamas and fondle their private parts. He forced one boy to masturbate him in secluded areas on different trips and inserted two fingers in and out of the child’s anus during another assault, according to Garda Sheila White. Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that he also clasped his hand around another boy’s mouth as he fondled him on a separate trip. O’Brien, of Benburb Street, pleaded guilty to ten counts of indecently assaulting six males in Dublin, Kilkenny and Cork between 1975 and 1980. He has no previous convictions. Continue reading

What is the deal with male feminists?

Why Being a Man Means I’m Part of the Problem.
Toxic masculinity is tearing us apart.
It’s time to do away with the concept of ‘manhood’ altogether.

The above article were written by male feminists who seems to dislike masculinity, manhood, and men general. They are the most recent in a long line of anti-male screeds coming from male feminists.

Every few weeks these kind of article appear on progressive blogs. The content of the articles is always the same: masculinity is bad. Manhood is bad. Men are bad. Some of them try to get around those arguments by adding adjectives like “toxic” before masculinity, yet most of their commentary reveals that the issue has nothing to do with “toxicity.” Their problem is masculinity, manhood, and men.

The articles carry a distinct tone of anger and resentment toward any aspect of maleness. This leaves me with a question: what is the deal with male feminists?

In Sargon of Akkad’s recent addition to the Why Do People Hate Feminism series, he discussed male feminists. He argued that there are three  types of male feminists: the non-masculine ones, the well-meaning, apologetic ones, and the self-loathing ones. While I agree with Sargon’s grouping, the problem remains that what these men say is typically the same: they see no value in masculinity, manhood, or maleness beyond what can be used to please women. Continue reading

Why Do People Hate Feminism?

Sargon of Akkad has an excellent video series on the reasons why people take issue with feminism. He presents a thorough explanation of the problems within feminism as an ideology and with its adherents. Some feminists may object to Sargon’s tone, however, he comes across as fair. He does not paint all feminists as the Borg. He acknowledges that different feminists think different things. Yet he also notes that the voices we hear tend to come from the authoritarian, anti-male element of the movement.

This is an ongoing series, so as Sargon uploads videos I will add them to this page. Continue reading

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Aaron Hutter avoids jail sentence for having 1,000 child abuse images and videos — HE IS the Southampton pervert who contacted young children through internet chat rooms. But Aaron Hutter was caught in his own trap when he was snared by sex abuse experts using a fake profile. Their investigations uncovered evidence that he had also built up a collection of more than 1,000 indecent images of children as young as five – and some clips involving animals.

A Logan woman said she was not ­diminishing the problem of domestic violence against women, but wanted people to know that men also suffered abuse — HE WAS punched and scratched, screamed at and threatened. His children were also abused, physically and emotionally. Of a night, he would put his children to bed and then push wardrobes against the door to stop anyone getting into the room. The perpetrator was the man’s wife, the children’s mother.

The Man Who Defends Men Accused of Campus Rape — Last December, James Clark* was finishing his first semester as a sophomore at a prestigious New England liberal-arts college when he received an email saying the dean wanted to speak with him. On the phone, the dean informed him that a female classmate had reported Clark for sexual misconduct. Continue reading

How Not to Hook Up When You’re an Anti-rape Activist

Speaking as someone who qualifies as an “anti-rape activist,” I cannot begin to fathom what problems would necessitate an article about dating. My activism is not something that typically comes up when I first meet someone. Indeed, it rarely comes up at all. I find it best to keep the two separate because one is about preventing sexual violence and the other is about finding a partner.

However, I have a small character flaw: I do not form my entire perception of the world around my activism. If it were to do so, if I were to make my concern for preventing sexual violence the focus of my existence, then it is very possible that I might find it difficult to date.

Such is the case for several women interviewed by The Cut: Continue reading

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Boy Scouts given paint to sniff before sex abuse, lawsuit says — A St. Paul Boy Scout leader in the late 1960s gave his troop members inhalants to get them high, then molested them, according to a new lawsuit. A former Boy Scout, now a 59-year-old man identified as John Doe 155, is suing the Boy Scouts of America and its local chapter, Northern Star Council, saying they failed to protect him from an abuser.

Former teacher and gym instructor jailed for sexual abuse of boys — A former Tasmanian teacher and fitness instructor has been sentenced to seven years in prison for sexually abusing boys under the pretext of helping them with their health and fitness. The 65-year-old man had previously pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Hobart to two counts of maintaining a sexual relationship with a young person, eight counts of indecent assault and one count each of possessing and producing child exploitation material.

Limerick pensioner, 74, abused boy for his own sexual gratification — A RETIRED council worker who sexually abused a young boy over a 15 month period was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. Michael O’Brien, aged 74, of High Meadows, Gouldavoher, Dooradoyle pleaded guilty to eight sample charges relating to offences which happened at an address in Limerick city on dates during 2006 and 2007.  Continue reading