G8 announces initiative to tackle sexual violence in conflict

In a remarkable move, the G8 group of nations agreed to address issues of sexual violence against women, children, and men. Yes, men are tacked on at the end in a way that is completely different from how people normally word that phase. It is usually “men, women, and children” or “women, men, and children.” However, at least men and boys were finally included in the discussion.

The international community, human rights organizations, and NGO have completely failed to acknowledge sexual violence against males, particularly in war-torn African countries. As I wrote about before, male victims in those countries often suffer in silence and are turned away by the existing rape crisis services. This move by the G8 may change that.

Of course, it may simply be lip service. We will have to see what happens over the next few months.

5 thoughts on “G8 announces initiative to tackle sexual violence in conflict

  1. Jackob don’t sell yourself and others short – you have worked, fought and made the Bastards take notice! You may not have been a big player but giants have had you at their back to support them all the way! If you have short arm syndrome and can’t pat yourself on the back, just turn round and let us pat you where it counts.

    I’ve been watching the progress – across the media for years.

    You have Amnesty UK politicising it with their 2012 Media Award to “The rape of men” Observer Magazine by Will Storr.

    Aljazeera shamed the UN when they covered it all in “The silent male victims of rape” 28 Jul 2011 – http://tinyurl.com/ccxffur – If you want to see a politician squirm just watch Louise Aubin after the UN have been savaged by Dr Lara Semple, Will Storr and the work of The Refugee Law Project Uganda has been highlighted.

    The UN had to act and they did in October last year GENEVA, Switzerland, October 8 2012 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency has for the first time issued guidelines for UNHCR staff and other aid workers on how to identify and support male victims of rape and other sexual violence in conflict and displacement situations. http://goo.gl/C7mRY

    It was nice of them to notice the issue – such a pity they forgot to invite even 1 men’s group – they could have even been tokenistic and invited The Salvation Army, who deal with male homelessness.

    Lara Stemple of UCLA School of Law has been at the forefront of raising awareness at the prevalence of the sexual abuse of males in war zones and has done much to ask why international institutions are seeing rape as a crime that only affects women. God Bless Her.

    It’s time to speak up for the male victims of rape – http://www.webcitation.org/6Fo54ZUFy

  2. There’s no ‘may’ about it being lip-service, unfortunately. Not to my mind. All you have to do is read William Hague’s speech. One use of “women, children and men” (in that order, one suspects!) – this is the only time he talks about men suffering sexual violence in conflict scenarios. Later on his speech, he refers to the £23m new funding pledged:

    It includes over £10 million from the United Kingdom: £5million from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to support grassroots and human rights projects on sexual violence against women and girls and wider projects on violence against women and girls. The other £5million is from the Department for International Development, to look at what drives violence against women and girls in conflict settings. And I thank my colleague Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development, for her commitment to this issue. I am also pleased to announce £150,000 in UK funding for the UN Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Children and Armed Conflict.

  3. Women and girls, women and girls, women and girls. I’ve heard those 3 words used so much I truly wonder how much care is given to men?

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