Jailed false accuser draws feminist support

Rhiannon Brooker accused her former boyfriend of rape and assault. Her accusations against Paul Fensome landed the man in jail for 37 days. While imprisoned, someone claimed that he was a pedophile and he had to be placed in protective custody.

However, the evidence showed that Brooker’s accusations were false:

Alibis, evidence from Fensome’s phone and his work shift patterns undermined Brooker’s accounts. Injuries were judged to have been self-inflicted and the police dropped their investigations into Fensome and turned their attention on Brooker.

Brooker initially told police she had made false accusations. But when she was charged with perverting the course of justice she retracted her confession. She was found guilty of 12 offences relating to false allegations of five rapes, six assaults and one false imprisonment.

The judge sentenced Brooker to three and a half years, which prompted outrage from feminists:

The support and campaign group Women Against Rape (WAR) was among more than a dozen organisations and lawyers who wrote to the judge arguing that a harsh sentence would put women off coming forward to report rapes for fear they would not be believed.

They wrote: “The prosecution was not in the public interest. A prison sentence will put even more women off reporting, enabling even more attacks from violent men. The resources spent on prosecuting Ms Brooker should have been put into prosecuting rapists and other violent men.”

How was the prosecution not in the public interest? Brooker not only falsely accused her boyfriend of several crimes, but her accusations landed him in jail for over a month. It was only because of evidence did not support Brooker’s accusations that Fensome was released. How is imprisoning an innocent man in the public interest?

Likewise, how does this case deter rape victims from coming forward? Feminists routinely make this claim, yet they never present any evidence supporting it. Where are the studies and reports showing that prosecuting false accusers stops real victims from reporting their assaults?

Finally, since when is a three-year sentence harsh? Feminists do realize that Brooker will not have to serve the whole sentence, right? She may serve a year and a half, maybe two years and go free.

Instead of looking at this as the crime that it is, feminists turn it into an attack on women and a failure to punish “rapists and other violent men.” Fensome was not a violent man or a rapist. Brooker lied and wasted the police’s time and money in the process. She ought to be punished for doing that. Three years is the least she deserves for trying to steal her former boyfriend’s freedom.

Yet feminists do not see that, and as a result they embarrass themselves by supporting a false accuser.

25 thoughts on “Jailed false accuser draws feminist support

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  2. On the bright side, Rhiannon was studying law, and jail time pretty much means that she’s out of the job in that regards for the rest of her life.

    One less entitled feminist lawyer to deal with.

  3. Absolutely disgusting is what this is.

    This entitled liar attempted to use taxpayer dollars, rape assistance aids, police resources, and court time to subvert the justice system and literally steal away her *innocent* boyfriend’s freedom. How the hell does this stack of very real crimes just magically disappear because they were committed by a false rape accuser? A man’s very *life* could have been put in jeopardy, or he could have been actually raped himself because of this revolting situation.

    This woman deserves all the prison time she has coming to her. No doubt about it.

  4. A couple years isn’t enough. Feminists claim false rape accusations are rare, so why the big concern for the “few” women who do falsely accuse and are actually imprisoned for it. And I thought perjury alone was worth a couple years. Let alone hijacking police resources from “real” rape victims to ruin her ex-boyfriends life. Did she have collaborating witnesses lie for her? That would be conspiracy. There’s wire fraud, filing a false police report… all sorts of ways they could have thrown the book at her.

  5. @ WAR: “The resources spent on prosecuting Ms Brooker should have been put into prosecuting rapists and other violent men.”

    Nooo. The resources spent on following false leads against an innocent man could “have been put into prosecuting rapists and other violent men” or it could have been spent busting more false accusers.

    Justice would be better served in either case and is why her trial and incarceration are definitely in “the public interest.”

  6. @revspinnaker: wrt your last comment: That line caught my eye too. It makes a very unconvincing case for not prosecuting women at all, at least until all violent men have been dealt with and put into jail.

    “Prosecuting women just takes up resources that could be put into prosecuting violent men; we really need to get our priorities straight here!”

    It’s so sad to see feminists acting in 100% accordance with the unpleasant stereotypes assigned to them.

  7. Good point watson. Why limit non-prosecution of women to only false rape accusations? What’s the difference between tax evasion, embezzlement, and false accusations? They’re all crimes. Women should not have to be responsible for any of that (keep in mind there was a time when their husbands were). Especially with so many violent men that need to be dealt with. Let’s have a moratorium on the prosecution of women until all the “violent” men are in jail.

    Remember “violence” can include spoken words. Especially the anti-feminist kind.

  8. Whelp, let me see here:

    1) Feminists standing idly by as Mary Koss erased male victims from statistical research

    2) Feminists lobbying The Duluth Model of Domestic Violence into law, making all men only perpetrators and women victims, thus erasing another portion of the population form existence.

    3) Feminists lobbying school systems to cater their curriculum to girls only, ignoring that boys are struggling equally alongside them.

    4) Feminists opposing Shared Parenting, saying it’ll lead to abusive dads gaming the system for access to their kids when facts states otherwise.

    5) Feminists and the media Ignoring the many male victims killed by Boko Harem while raising a stink about the “War on women” when the schoolgirls were kidnapped.

    6) Feminists and the media attempting link Elliot Rodgers with Mens Rights, disregarding contrary evidence altogether.

    7) Feminists telling me that my negative experiences at the hands of females doesn’t matter since I am a privileged white male and it is nothing compared to what women and girls go through.

    Now, I can add:

    8) Feminists lamenting the sentencing of a convicted female false rape accuser, saying the resources should’ve been used more wisely.

    They’re really making themselves irrelevant at this point, are they?

  9. @revspinnaker & elementary_watson…

    Consider also that there has been strong feminist advocacy in in the UK for the closure of womens’ prisons and official instructions to judges to be more lenient towards convicted women.

    Interesting to note that in this case the Guardian appears to be the only media outlet that has sought the opinions of feminist groups who invariably cannot see that in cases of false rape allegations it’s actually the falsely accused who is the victim. The Guardian appears to be a very misandrist outfit.

  10. Greg, I understand the UK also has some of the most lax infanticide laws, which in most instances excuses child murder for the first year. Unless the killer is a man.

  11. “rapists and other violent men” this illustrates perfectly these feminazis’ thought process. To them, only men can rape or commit violence, only men can do wrong.

    Such bullshit.

  12. When India wanted to make their sexual assault laws gender-neutral, women’s advocates successfully campaigned against it. “Justifications” included the grounds that a man accused of rape could counter-accuse a woman of raping him. The lack of justice for non M>F rape victims, including women, did not seem to be a concern, as long as the gendered threat narrative was maintained.

    And when women are put in jail for false accusations, feminists rarely seem to be concerned about the waste of taxpayer money and time, or the disruption to the lives of the accused. The nice thing about appealing to a hypothetical is that you’ll never run out. And when I point out that men like Luke Harwood have been killed over this sort of thing, and the many historical examples of using false accusations against black men, they suddenly go silent.

    And, of course, the people who talk the most about how women allegedly aren’t believed are feminists. If anyone is convincing women not to report, it’s them.


    “And I thought perjury alone was worth a couple years.”

    Much like how advising women to take precautions for their own safety is victim-blaming only when it comes to rape, most feminists don’t seem to care much about any other type of false accusation getting attention. Just rape.


    “It’s so sad to see feminists acting in 100% accordance with the unpleasant stereotypes assigned to them.”

    Yep. I once had a feminist say that real feminists don’t ignore male rape victims. I checked her tumblr’s feminism tag, and found that a)her response to me was the first post even mentioning dude’s issues, and b)several of the things she linked in the tag specifically called rape “violence against women”.

    It was rather depressing, even for someone who expects that sort of thing.


    “6) Feminists and the media attempting link Elliot Rodgers with Mens Rights, disregarding contrary evidence altogether.”

    Actually, most of them seem to have heard something they liked and never bothered to actually fact-check. A few, like Futrelle, tried to imply that the conclusion did have a reasonable basis, but he couldn’t pin down exactly why, and never actually admitted it was wrong.

    @ Greg Allan

    In the UK, rape is defined as “penetration with a penis”. There are other crimes with similar sentences, but they’re not called “rape” and ignored in statistics. What have feminists done about this? Nothing.

  13. Sorry folks. My phone cut out just before we were ready to perform. I had to cancel the show. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when we redo it.

  14. Feminist do not have a problem with men wrongly going to prison on false rape charges. Their whole philosophy is based on female chauvinism.

  15. it’s highest time for men to unite and protect each other, to formate own, extrasystemic courts to hunt down and catch, trial and punish criminal women on our own, or there will never be justice let alone savety for men and children !

    Time to act before it’s even more too late !

  16. Weak jail setence, if you think thats harsh look how many years men get put away for rape.

  17. I know this is an older article, but I just read about this today. I tried to post this on WAR’s article (http://www.womenagainstrape.net/content/rhiannon-brooker-%E2%80%93-victim-not-only-rape-miscarriag) that apparently “accepts comments”. No comments displayed.

    It’s disheartening how utterly confused and misdirected some feminists are. This “utterly wicked” woman, as the judge deemed, lied about being raped. It’s as simple as that. Brooker is not a victim. Falsely accusing someone of a heinous crime is deplorable, but defending this person and claiming the justice system failed is simply pathetic. To see how womenagainstrape.net would rather see an innocent man go to prison, than to accept the idea that a woman can lie about crimes committed against her to gain favour in life, is just inexcusable.

    I really hate articles that do not allow commenting. It feels as though the writers don’t want to discuss anything they just want to preach.

  18. This sentence was too lenient. A false accuser should get at LEAST the same sentence as the accused, that’s just just plain FAIR– a conceptwhich these women apparently can’t understand.

    As to whether it would “deter rape victims from coming forward;” how the FRACK should that justify giving false accusers a free pass?

    More like feminists believe that men are EXPENDABLE, and that therefore women should have a carte blanche to falsely accuse men, without accountability. THAT wouldl cause women to be disbelieved, i.e. if she knew that she could launch a false accusation with impunity.
    But that’s logical, and feminists can’t stand logic.

  19. feminists will never get what they want unless they show and feel compassion for men. They will push away the millions of women who love the men in their lives. They will die out as a sad, hypocritical ideology.

  20. Hope this shit will go to jail for good. The justice will win. I hope this will be the begenning.

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