Stop the Abuse: Living Well

Often times people want to help others but do not know how. This cannot be any truer than when it comes to helping abused men and boys. The resources sometimes are not apparent and are often difficult to find. Sometimes the resources are hidden or even barred by other groups who wish to polarize the issue. The intent here is to provide those who wish to help male victims with the opportunity to do so. Every month I will post a new link to an organization that provides services for male victims. As the list grows, I will create a page where all the links can be found.

Please remember that you do no have to empty your wallets to help. Even a small donation can go a long way. And for those on the other side of the issue, it would go a long way to demonstrating real concern for all victims if you donated as well.


Living Well

LivingWell is a Queensland resource which offers a range of services specifically designed to assist men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault, their partners, friends and family and service providers. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual abuse as a child, or adult, please know that you are not alone. Support and assistance is available. LivingWell currently provides the following services.

Please donate and help make a difference.

6 thoughts on “Stop the Abuse: Living Well

  1. Is this the right link???
    It doesnt say Living Well and seems to focus on detainees rather than childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault

  2. Even as a severely abused child, my childhood went well. I was “raised”, as they say, in a small town with a population of 200 high-up in the Rocky Mountains. We had a crime rate of zero, no jail, and our town constable was the ‘town drunk’. We had a gas station w/o an attendant. A coffee can with a slot for cash and I.O.U.s stood where an armed man would be had this been inner city USA..
    That was 50 years ago. Oddly, the population of this town is still around 200. Where did everyone go? Why does this town not grow?
    We had to drain the local reservoir to retrieve the corpse of a young boy who had mysteriously drowned. We found him, but not before finding several dozen other remains of children. (keep in mind abortions were illegal back then) Had these children been legally killed, the results would be the same; a dead community of kept secrets complete with children kept for unnatural purposes.
    I began living at 15 when I left home for GOOD. Living well after years of therapy w/o pharmaceuticals.

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