Girls walk out on Clementine Ford after she refused to answer boys’ questions

Back in May, I wrote about an incident at an Australian school where feminist blogger Clementine Ford spoke. The school invited Ford to speak about women’s issues, and several boys in the audience challenged her views. Rather than address the boys’ questions, Ford left and later took to Twitter to bash the boys.This prompted a response from the school, which inexplicably took Ford’s side in attacking their male students.

New information, however, reveals that the situation was much worse for Ford than initially reported:

Some schoolgirls staged a walkout on feminist Clementine Ford after she refused to take questions from male students at exclusive Aquinas College in Melbourne.

The 35-year-old blogger and controversial, outspoken activist was slammed by parents after she blocked questions from year 10 schoolboys at the private secondary school.

The incident, which caused some female Aquinas students to walk out of Ford’s talk, happened in May this year.

One angry parent claimed Ford had treated the 15-year-old male students “like crap”.

“The boys wanted to ask her questions, and she refused to answer questions from boys. She goes, ‘No no, I’m only taking questions from girls,’” parent Darren told Melbourne Radio 3AW.

“The ones that turned on her after she treated the boys like crap, was the girls who got up and left.”

The father said following the fallout from the talk, Ford “went nuts, she crucified the boys online and the school had to do a massive backpedal”.

The father is not exaggerating. Follow the link to my original post and read what Ford wrote on Twitter. Her response was unhinged at best. The school should not have invited her to speak given her history of blatant misandry. It does a disservice to the male and female students to have to listen to a bigot spout their nonsense for an hour. It also undermines the point of addressing any perceived or real bias between the sexes.

What do you think boys will think of feminists and women when this is how they are treated by them? What do you think the boys will do the next time someone brings up feminist or women’s issues in their presence? They are not likely to respond well to it.

When feminists complain about men not liking them, they have people like Clementine Ford to blame. They also have themselves to blame for putting people like Ford on a pedestal instead of challenging her nasty commentary and hate-filled rants.

This is the face of modern feminism, not simply because Ford is a loud voice, but also because feminists appear to allow her to be the voice of their movement. There is no reason any of those boys have to assume all feminists are not like this when so many feminists applauded Ford’s Twitter rant.

It is unclear if the school will have a follow-up with the student in the coming school year given that this story is back in the news. I would hope that they would at least refrain from inviting Ford back to speak to the students. If did invite her back, I would hope that all the boys would refuse to attend the talk.

That would be the most powerful message to an egotist like Ford.

6 thoughts on “Girls walk out on Clementine Ford after she refused to answer boys’ questions

  1. there is no other form of bigotry that hates so many people as feminism. they espouse hatred of half the human race.

  2. Feminism does own Clementine Ford. It also owns all the more obnoxious and radical examples. The reason is that they will not condemn these people for being what they are. “Moderate” feminists can deny them till the doomsday. It is not going to change.
    Yes, I hope that she is not invited back, or to any other venue.

  3. Moderate feminists are just as bad as them. They all are. The reason I say that is because they tolerate the vilest rhetoric and most morally bankrupt behaviour from their camp, they try and justify it in mainstream newspapers, they rationalise it, they turn a blind eye, they get angry at those who merely have a problem with their sickening conduct, rather than the conduct itself, even if it condones female-on-male abuse as “payback for patriarchy” (which is something they do often, there’s no doubt about it).

    So, no. Moderate feminists and radical feminists, they are all the same. All selfish, lacking in any conscience whatsoever, lacking in moral courage. The fact that the best riposte they can ever come up with is a dictionary definition, truly shows they haven’t got a leg to stand on. Men or women, it doesn’t matter. They are all bad people. All.

  4. That repugnant doctrine from Clementine Ford encouraged several women from the Toronto area to walk nude around children, one actually is in court SUING a hotel because she claims that she is violated when their policy forbids women to go nude at swimming pools.

    Why would women in Canada want to use the state to pressure private businesses to allow women to be naked around children? What next? Sex with children?

  5. @ Chester, I may take some digs for this, but I’m entirely certain the end of times is close – perhaps not in the lifetime of anyone currently on this site but the next generation, I believe will see the beginning of the end.

    Clementine Ford will only become braver and bolder that she will videotape herself doing child abuse with her son in the near future, while claiming that every man is a rapist. Mark my word. Clementine Ford may be already engaged in sexual intercourse with her son.

    All the key indicators are in place and have come true. Many historians have already pointed out that several key markers have been hit – feminism, immigration and a decline in Western birthrate.

    With the infection of left wing extremism feminism, attempting to incapacitate (with violence) those that oppose their derranged beliefs, it seems we’re sitting on a ticking time bomb of sorts. Who knows how many frustrated Right-wing men will resort to running over crowds of women in desperation and revenge against the system which is against them? Do you know how many former US Army vets are angry at the system?

    Everything that I’ve just mentioned has been scriptured in history and carved into the etches of what constitutes a dying society.

    How long do you think modern day society will continue to exist in the face of feminism? Feminists posing nude in front of children is only the tip of the iceberg of Western decadence.

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