Beware Male Feminists #MeToo

I have written extensively about male feminists and the ironic rejection they face within the feminist movement. While many female feminists say that they want men to support feminism, plenty of other feminists will scourge male feminists for simply being male. Even the thing one would expect a member of a group to do — promote the movement — is often seen as male feminists trying to “hijack” feminism from women.

While I have previously noted that with friends like these male feminists do not need enemies, it is also the case that in many instances female feminists’ fear of male feminists is warranted.

2017 showed numerous examples of male feminists behaving badly, often committing sexual assault, all while hiding behind the guise of the “good male ally.”

I could go through a list of them, however, Sargon of Akkad already do so. The list is extensive, yet nowhere near complete.

Please note that this is not to say that all or even most male feminists are sexual predators. This list only notes that one of the stereotypes about male feminists — that they are using the label to get close to women — turns out to have some merit.

5 thoughts on “Beware Male Feminists #MeToo

  1. That was quite a collection. While Sargon of Akka’s advice is sound, I have little doubt that a number of the accusations are three dollar bill phony. Men should stay away from feminists.

  2. Did Harvey Weinstein identify as a feminist? I know he was on one of the “pussy-hat” marches, I saw a photo somewhere of him in one of those ridiculous hats and a big coat.

    Actually, I have thrown a lot of ire at feminists in general, but I have taken a softer tone with any who are willing to be humane and not force their rhetoric down my throat – one I have heard about is publishing his own website with accounts on male abuse victims because apparently he was one himself, and felt that the “metoo” movement marginalised him.

  3. I honestly have more sympathy for male feminists. many may be quislings, but I think a lot of them are mistakenly taking women’s claims at face value. the concept of mendacity on the level the average woman commonly engages in is foreign to men, because that much lying erodes the foundations of civilization. a functioning society cannot exist without that element of trust needed for people to cooperate, but women are incapable of that.

  4. To be honest, there have been signs of this going back a long way. The earliest example I can think of is Kyle Payne, a feminist blogger who was convicted of filming an unconscious woman’s private parts in 2007. Then came the shameful saga of Hugo Schwyzer, and that friend of Anita Sarkeesian who had a youtube channel called ‘Hannibal the Victor’, now on the sex offenders register. Louis CK was known for being kind of feminist as far as I know, with the line that ‘women aren’t better, just men are much worse’ and he was shown to be speaking from personal experience. And on top of that, Harvey Weinstein was present on one of the ‘pussy-hat’ marches.

    If a male feminist starts saying “men are shitty people” you should be very careful around him. Certainly it does suggest that the line “you’re just doing it to get laid” while kind of low-hanging fruit, it takes on a whole new meaning and context.

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