Bulletin Board v209

In His Own Words: Victimized by victim support advocates — It’s day 24 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month for Men and Boys, the invisible victims of domestic violence. Today’s In His Own Words is an example of the systemic abuse to which men and boys are frequently subjected. It is an egregious example of sexism and misandry. It is also an example of how many women use victimhood (real or imagined) as a form of “street cred” and/or social status.

‘Man up’ to being a victim — The push to empower women could be prompting violence against men. “You have women who have found their voice and were encouraged to do so, which is a good thing. But are the women in the next generation taking it too far?” questioned Charlane Cluett, Muskoka Parry Sound Community Mental Health Service operations manager. “Although women still tend to be the most likely victims, we may be seeing a shift in females acting out more.”

The Rape ‘Epidemic’ Doesn’t Actually Exist — A group of 100 protesters – including many topless women – recently marched the streets of Athens, Ohio chanting, “Blame the system, not the victim” and “Two, four, six, eight, stop the violence, stop the rape.” Organized by an Ohio University student organization called “f*ckrapeculture,” the protest was designed to bring attention to what the founders believe is a toxic culture of sexism and sexual violence infecting their campus.

‘Rehab, not jail’ for abusers who groom children online — SEX offenders caught “grooming” youngsters online and downloading images of child abuse should avoid jail in favour of early intervention programmes in some cases, MSPs have been told. More Scottish Government cash should be allocated to fund rehabilitation schemes for these offenders, in order to prevent future offending, according to national child sexual abuse organisation Stop It Now.

The silenced minority — Because October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I’d like to address the strain of domestic abuse people are the least aware of: abuse directed at men. For those of you who are still reading, I’ll justify the decision. There is, in short, absolutely no sexism involved in confronting the violence directed toward men. Raising the issue doesn’t diminish the legitimate and horrifying nature of the crimes perpetrated against women.

What Schools Can Do to Help Boys Succeed — Being a boy can be a serious liability in today’s classroom. As a group, boys are noisy, rowdy and hard to manage. Many are messy, disorganized and won’t sit still. Young male rambunctiousness, according to a recent study, leads teachers to underestimate their intellectual and academic abilities. “Girl behavior is the gold standard in schools,” says psychologist Michael Thompson. “Boys are treated like defective girls.”

Woman who poured hot coffee over boy during ‘relentless’ campaign of abuse is jailed for five years — A woman who subjected a five-year-old boy to a ‘relentless’ campaign of abuse over two months – which included pouring hot coffee over his neck – was jailed today. Tennesh Massaquoi, 29, repeatedly kicked and punched the boy, causing serious bruises to his body. The court was told the boy also had bathroom cleaner sprayed onto his face. Massaquoi, of Blackley, Manchester, denied all the charges she faced but was found guilty of four counts of child cruelty and was today jailed for five years.

Victim of sex-abuse priest Robert Coles rejects payout — A man who was sexually abused as a boy by a Church of England priest has rejected a six-figure compensation offer. The man, who cannot be identified, was one of a number of boys abused by Robert Coles when he was a priest in Horsham and Chichester, in Sussex. Coles, of Upperton Road, Eastbourne, was jailed for eight years in February after admitting 11 sex abuse charges. The victim, now 45, says he wants a sum “in proportion” to his suffering.

2 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v209

  1. Have you seen that David Futrelle have openly stated that he thinks it makes sense that “being made to penetrate” isn’t rape? I’ve written an open letter (and posted it as a comment on his blog, but I’m on moderation on Manboobz after incidentally writing about Mary P Koss’ stance that it’s inappropriate to call it rape when a man has intercourse he doesn’t want with a woman) to David Futrelle asking whether male victims who calls what happened to them for rape are wrong: http://tamenwrote.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/open-letter-to-david-futrelle/

  2. What’s the deal with 5 second rape? If 2 people have consenting sex, 1 wants to stop, the other person takes 5 seconds to get off of them or is it about someone who continues for 5 seconds more? I would guess that you are given the leeway of at least 1 second to pull out once being told to stop, since it takes time to pull it out, get up/off someone.

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