Bulletin Board v300

Charity highlights male domestic abuse victims — Brian Hitchcock, who runs Coventry-based charity Men’s Aid, says men who suffer violence at the hands of wives and girlfriends have been left out of a new £700,000 programme. The ‘violence perpetrator programme’ which will cover the entire West Midlands, will target husbands and boyfriends who commit domestic violence and abuse.

Chris Johnson: Nebraska must address gender bias — The Nebraska legal system suffers from widespread gender bias against men. While gender bias against fathers in family law cases is well documented, anti-male bias in other areas is less well known. According to the largest-ever review of domestic violence research, women and men abuse their partners at comparable rates.

Group Exhumes Boy’s Casket After Almost 100 Years, Is Shocked When They Open It — When forensic analysts and Pennsylvania state police gathered at the site of a nearly 90-year-old grave to dig out the body of teenager Thomas Curry, the anthropologists believed they would find clues as to why the boy died. Instead, they were left with more questions. The scientists didn’t find the boy’s body, but instead discovered layers of wood. The wood seemed to provide weight as if to hold the body or prevent it from moving.

‘He almost beat me’: One man’s triumph after falling victim to child sex abuser — As Jason Gustavs sat in a psychiatric ward for the umpteenth time, the teenager penned a letter to his parents. He explained why his adolescence had been marred by the erratic and withdrawn behaviour that had repeatedly landed him in mental health facilities and police cells. He revealed he had been sexually abused by a man who lived only 500 metres from their family home.

Irish short film sheds light on reality for Ireland’s abused men and their families — Domestic abuse affects whole families, not just the victim, and an Irish short film, The Black, shows this through a detective interviewing a little girl about an incident that happened between her parents. Mark Riordan, who wrote and directed the film, told TheJournal.ie that he became passionate about the lack of support for male victims of domestic abuse when researching for the film.

Male victims of sexual violence are being ignored by the government — There are many lessons to be learned from the unfolding scandal of sexual abuse claims in professional football. Perhaps the first of these is a simple truth: people do care. The men who courageously broke their silence are said to have been overwhelmed by the support they have received from the public, even among such sharp-tongued crowds as social media users and football fans.

Refuge for male victims of domestic abuse could be created in Norwich — When people think of domestic abuse, they tend to automatically think of men abusing women. That’s understandable, when latest crime figures from the county’s police forces show that 1.2m women reported to police that they had been victims of domestic abuse in the 12 months leading up to March this year. And statistics from the Office for National Statistics show that, of the 432 domestic homicides between April 2012 and March 2015, 73pc were women. But that means that more than a quarter of those killed by their partners were men and the figures also showed that 651,000 men called police to report that they were victims of domestic abuse.

Shock new figures show number of male domestic abuse victims in Hampshire soar — EIGHT times more men reported themselves as victims of domestic abuse in Hampshire in 2015 than they did in 2012, shock new figures have revealed. Hampshire Constabulary has released stats which show that 4,183 men reported themselves as victims of domestic abuse in 2015, up a staggering 3,669 when compared to the 514 who reported it in 2012. Figures show a sharp rise in reports since 2013, when just 617 men went to the police as domestic abuse victims. However by 2014 that figure had nearly quadrupled to 2,151 and increased by nearly eight times in 2015.

Youngest ‘victim’ in football child abuse investigation is four years old — The nationwide police investigation into historic sex abuse in football is now looking at cases involving victims as young as four years old, with the net widening to 148 clubs, according to an announcement by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) on Wednesday. The first disclosure last month by former player Andy Woodward, who was abused during his time at Crewe Alexandra, has triggered a remarkable response across the country with victims encouraged to contact the hotline set up by the Football Association and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).

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