Bulletin Board v231

Alleged victim tells court of abuse by five different paedophiles in youth — An elderly Dublin man has gone on trial accused of sexually abusing a boy and paying him money in a flat over thirty years ago. The alleged victim told a jury today that he was abused by five different paedophiles during his youth, including the accused. The accused man (73) has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to indecently assaulting the male, who was aged between 11 and 13 years old, on dates from October 1983 to June 1985.

Boy Found in Basement Alleges Long-Term Abuse by Parents — When a 12-year-old Detroit boy went missing on June 14 and was found 11 days later, it should have been a day to rejoice. Instead, his discovery in the family’s basement has turned into weeks of unanswered questions, with some unsettling information about what the child’s life may have been like.

Defence taskforce finds appalling abuse — TEENAGE recruit Graham’s life was ruined on the night he was raped twice at a West Australian naval training base and he’s lived with the trauma ever since. THE appalling abuse of Graham and other junior sailors as young as 15 was all too common at HMAS Leeuwin, the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (DART) says. Their stories could now be referred to the ongoing royal commission into child sex abuse, with many parallels to the effects of abuse by pedophile priests and others emerging from the hearings.

Feud Erupts Over AG’s Claim Sandusky Abused Boys As Investigation Dragged — A report on the handling by authorities of the sexual abuse case against Jerry Sandusky continues to generate political shockwaves in Pennsylvania, with law enforcement officials challenging Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s assertion that the former Penn State assistant football coach abused two boys as recently as 2009 – after he knew he was under investigation.

Internet dating mum jailed for false rape claim after meeting for sex in Bristol hotel — INTERNET dater Emily Pike cried rape after a man she had sex with made his excuses and left, a court heard. Pike met 24-year-old Tom Mills online and they arranged a sexual liaison in Weston- super-Mare. Bristol Crown Court heard that when they could not find a room they booked into the Premier Inn at Cribbs Causeway and had sex. But after Mr Mills decided Pike did not match the description she had given herself online he left, texting her to say he was helping a friend in accident and emergency.

Man stabbed 15 times by his wife but ‘no one believed him’ — A male domestic abuse survivor said no one would believe his wife had stabbed him 15 times. And as he recovered in hospital, his wife secured a protection order and the man lost any relationship he had with his two children. “My daughter made her Confirmation but I was the criminal at the back of the church. I didn’t get a photograph with my daughter. I didn’t get anything. I was like a scumbag and it’s wrong. It’s very, very wrong,” he said.

New domestic violence support for men — Men suffering from domestic abuse will be able to receive face-to-face support for the first time. Brighton and Hove City Council has teamed up with specialist charities and police to offer the city’s first ever “care pathway” for men experiencing domestic violence or abuse has been unveiled. The new scheme will mean male victims of domestic violence can get help and support directly from independent charity Victim Support rather than through national helplines.

‘Not your fault,’ writer of new book tells sex abuse victims — Five years after going public with his story of being sexually abused by a priest when he was a boy, Del Boudreau has put his story in a book, one he hopes will encourage others with a similar story to talk about it. In the book, Deliver Us From Evil, Boudreau talks about growing up in Wedgeport and about the prominent role of the church in the community at that time. Among other things, he recalls being chosen to be an altar boy – considered an honour at the time – and recounts how the abuse began.

Paedophile victim speaks out against man who ‘stole his childhood’ — A VICTIM of a paedophile jailed on Friday has spoken of his ‘hate’ for the man who allegedly abused him. George Hughes, aged 63, from Runcorn, was sentenced to two years in prison at Chester Crown Court last week after admitting a string of sex offences. Hughes pleaded guilty to causing or inciting a male child under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activity, five charges of making indecent photographs and one offence of possessing an indecent photograph.

Priest: I abused 10 boys but not the complainant — The priest on trial for a sex assault on a teenage boy in the sick bay of a boarding school in 1979 told the jury he had admitted sexually assaulting 10 other boys, but that he did not touch the complainant. Prosecution barrister Pearse Sreenan asked the former dean of discipline at the school in Carraig na bhFear, Co Cork, Tadhg O’Dalaigh, 70, of Woodview, Mount Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, Dublin, how he could remember all of the boys given that there were so many.

Priest says archdiocese never asked about alleged abuse — The Rev. Jerome Kern, who has been accused of child sex abuse by at least 20 individuals, testified that no one in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis ever asked him how many boys he had abused or reported him to police, according to a court deposition released Tuesday. Kern, now 73, described his actions toward boys as “wrestling” or “jostling.”

Rolf Harris, showing ‘no remorse,’ sentenced to almost six years for sexual abuse — Television entertainer Rolf Harris, who for decades cultivated an image of the affectionate uncle with numerous children’s television programs, was sentenced Friday to five years and nine months in prison for a string of abuses against young girls. Judge Nigel Sweeney told London’s Southwark Crown Court that the performer, a fixture on British and Australian screens for years, had abused the trust of millions.

Studying the History of Feminism Might Save Feminists from Themselves — The advance of women’s rights is one of Western Civilization’s greatest triumphs. Yet, in many developing countries, women are still treated like second-class citizens. So why do so many tenured feminist intellectuals holed up in our universities choose to rail against the supposed American patriarchy rather than seek to help their sisters in places where women don’t even enjoy the most basic civil rights?

6 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v231

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  2. ” in many developing countries, women are still treated like second-class citizens”

    Like the country where girls are kidnapped by boko harum while the lucky boys get to be merely murdered?

  3. Peterman, there was a recent NPR interview about Boko Haram. The man being interviewed made a point about boys being specifically targeted and killed. The interviewer mentioned sexism against women. The man stated that many on the left hijacked the problem, shoehorning it into something they could use. He reiterated that Boko Haram spared the girls but killed the boys, stating that the girls’ gender “saved their lives.” The interviewer’s response: it was still motivated by sexism. The man laughed as she said that.

  4. Good for him. Sometimes laughing is the only way to break through.

    I’m no expert but it seems to me that this sort of encapsulates what goes on in so many developing countries where “women have it so bad.” Women cant go to school in country X–where thousands of men have been killed in wars. They can’t drive in country Y…but their life expectancy is five years longer than a man’s. And on and on.

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