Let us talk about the Polished Man campaign

I happened upon the Polished Man campaign a few days ago. It is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about sexual abuse against children by men. It is important to make that distinction because the campaign fails to acknowledge that women can be and are the perpetrators of sexual abuse against children. From the campaign’s website:

Why Men?

90% of all sexual violence against children is perpetrated by men.

But that doesn’t mean we are pointing the finger.

We’re asking men to lead the way, to start conversations and challenge the culture from where they stand.

One man-i-cure at a time.

That is not entirely true. I have written numerous times about female sex offenders. Not only it is evident that women commit sexual violence, but it also appears that women, according to a feminist-run study, to commit at least 40% to 60% of the sexual violence against males. We can see this trend in action by looking at studies over the years. The more people research this topic, the more we find that women are responsible for a large amount of sexual violence.

I understand the point of the campaign. It is the typical self-indulgent, viral hashtag activism that is so popular these days. It is not that the celebrity men do not care about preventing child rape. It is that very little will actually come of it beyond pandering to people’s need to seen in a certain light.

Yet what makes the campaign so troubling is that it misrepresents the problem by explicitly blaming men for sexual violence, effectively erasing female perpetrators. It also uses a clear gendered element to campaign, implying boys are not victims of sexual violence. The campaign is little more than virtue signalling.

Of course, this begs the question of who the campaign reached the “90% of all sexual violence against children is perpetrated by men”. I will let TL;DR explain, as he did a tremendous job of pointing out the gross negligence of this campaign:

This is the type of thing that I and many others have to do whenever these campaigns come out. Instead of being able to talk about a legitimate issue on its own merits, we must spend time debunking politically-motivated nonsense. As one commenter on the video explained:

Its funny how easily they could have meade [sic] this so much better is by saying to paint a nail green or blue to support child abuse instead of saying men paint a nail to fight against child.

If you want a campaign to support victims of abuse that is upfront with its numbers and is not playing politics, please support 1BlueString. This is a campaign run by 1in6.org designed to raise awareness for male victims of sexual violence by having guitarists replace one of their strings with a blue one. They also offer merchandise on the website. All the proceeds will go to 1in6, Living Well, and Survivors Manchester, organizations that provide active assistance to male victims.

5 thoughts on “Let us talk about the Polished Man campaign

  1. blood libel is the correct term for campaigns like this. jim goad nailed it in his latest article.

  2. “All funds raised through Polished Man are channelled into trauma recovery and trauma prevention programs for children who have suffered or are at risk of suffering violence globally.

    These include YGAP impact entrepreneurs running ventures that reduce violence against children or provide emergency relief to those that have fallen victims to physical and/or sexual violence.”

    YGAP, according to their own website, is a microlender in impoverished countries and areas. This may well be a worthwhile goal, but I don’t see what is has to do with helping abused children. I don’t understand why a charitable endeavor needs to mislead.

  3. At this point, if anyone says anything about a “conversation” or “national conversation”, I know that what comes next is the programmatic, passive-aggressive posturing of SJW-lies. The next biggest tell that a cultural marxist lie is coming would be: “common sense”.

    Yes, let’s talk about ‘positive male role models’ by feminizing men with nail polish. Let’s not ‘point fingers’ but instead paint all men as abusers. All of these ‘conversations’ require the shoveling of truth into the furnace of dissonance, to forge an alternate reality that can carry the narrative forward.

    That is until reality inconveniently shines through the threadbare veils of their lies. And then they double-down, bare their teeth, and inch closer to the actual reality that their intense hatred, jealousy, fear, and resentment of white men, culture, history, and truth have them so twisted up in their own dissonance that in the end it can only be explained as a longing for death and destruction.

    All of these “conversations” are anything but a conversation; they are nothing more than tools to demoralize and humiliate. Constructed upon a false premise, they require a collective ignorance that is only matched in absurdity by the size of the blind spots required to move them forward through time without impaling upon a sliver of truth.

    Not only do they ignore the reality of female on male abuse, female on female abuse, and all other forms of female-facilitated abuse, but it also attempts to categorize “men” as abusers without acknowledging homosexuality. As a victim class homo men are different than hetero men, yet as a predatory class homo men and hetero men are one in the same, apparently. Which, given their precious reminder of painted nails, is rather ironic in that creepy kind of way that these SJW’s seem to adore.

    For more, see: ‘national conversations’ about gun control. As in, our “gun problem”. As in, “white guys living in flyover need to not cling to their guns” is the problem. All while POC’s in chicago, detroit, new orleans, St. Louis, DC, etc. are shooting up each other and their neighborhoods with illegal weapons. Noticing is racist. Carry on.

  4. People are far more permissive about female abusers, you can tell by what the judges say in their sentencing. Besides, any acknowledgement of male abuse victims are grudging, and female abusers are always minimised even in articles about them because the idea scares everybody. So they paint the problem in to the background and hope it’ll go away, whether they mean to or not. Unfortunately, those of us who are victims of female abusers (or just male abuse victims) don’t have that luxury.

    Here’s a woman who had something to say on the subject:https://ordinaryevil.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/women-being-excused-of-child-sexual-abuse/

  5. Also, “polished man” campaign?? Let’s solve this problem by making big sweeping statements and by painting our nails? What a waste of time.

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